I don’t know if this story will get widespread coverage, but it’s one we’ve certainly been tracking. We’ve been keeping you apprised of the quest for social egalitarianism in our U.S. military with the inclusion of females in combat billets (duty positions) such as Marine Infantry and U.S. Army Rangers. The Obama administration decreed in 2015 — without Congressional approval — that Army Ranger training and in 2016, U.S. Navy SEAL training would be open to females. After all, to the liberal progressives of the Obama administration and their ilk, it is just a job, which should be open and available to everyone — their definition of social justice.

Well, this recent revelation is quite telling. Remember we last reported about the eight female Soldiers who passed the pre-Ranger indoctrination course? As reported by Yahoo News, “On Friday, the Army is expected to announce that all the women who had attempted to graduate from Ranger School had officially failed to meet the standards, according to a military source. Ranger School, which grooms the Army’s most elite special operations fighting force, opened its doors to women for the first time this year. Eight of the 20 women who originally entered the school’s first co-ed class were allowed to recycle through the program after they fell out in their first go-round.”

“The Friday announcement will confirm that this happened again. The Rangers are the best of the best, and being a Ranger means passing a physical test that pushes body and mind to the breaking point. If women can’t do it, the argument goes, then they shouldn’t be Rangers. But there is another opinion quietly being voiced as well: that Ranger School is more akin to a rite of passage – an opportunity for men to “thump their chest,” as one Ranger puts it – than a realistic preparation for leading in war. That women can actually make Ranger units more effective. And that the standards that keep them out are outdated.”

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