There are two really good outcomes for conservatives as a result of this botched election. First, we no longer have to fool ourselves with the illusion that the National Republican Party has anything to offer when they are allowed to select for us moderate candidates without a conservative platform. In other words, a loser. Second, we will now have at least two more years of gridlock during which time conservatives can turn their attention to the states and re-consider the ignored policy of “nullification.” The GOP now does have thirty Governors after all.


It should be obvious that our goal now is to dismantle the current National GOP organization and reform it into the CONSERVATIVE Republican Party with conservative policies that voters really want and should have been advocating all along. But alas, I believe the GOP has shot itself in the head. It most certainly will die if it does not purge, by elections, the RiNO’s that fill its ranks. I should expect mass resignations by the GOP heads for this debacle, but, I know they are feckless and will actually blame conservatives and the TEA Party for this loss, just like Obama alway’s blames Bush.


Politically, I think the worst day of my entire life was when the GOP nominated John McCain as our standard bearer. I instinctively knew then that the Liberal philosophy of the eastern GOP establishment was in flower and I could do nothing about it. So, I cast my vote for Sarah Palin. For some unexplained reason, whenever FOX News interviews a GOP politician, there is John McCain at the head of the line. I always turn him off. He was a loser and his opinion, for me, don’t count anymore. But, that was then and this is now. We were saddled with another loser and America will pay for it.


I had actually harbored in my bosom the real belief that the American people would actually see what they were about to lose and that our candidate would win, even by a large margin. Silly me!  Romney could have been a great president but the GOP surrounded him with the same moderate Republicans campaign managers whose philosophy of campaigning was to ease their candidate into office without offending any of the identified constituencies. Romney selected Paul Ryan and, like McCain’s handlers did to Palin, they muzzled him. What a stupid loss. By so     doing they completely abandoned the winning principles of conservatism that Ronald Reagan used to seize the presidency form a nincompoop.


The GOP philosophy of moderation is now one of failure and should be abandoned. We already have that philosophy with the Democrat Party. We don’t need two parties with the same ideas. America is demonstrably a conservative country and American’s will actually rally to a solid and fair conservative economic plan, clearly laid out, with a fair tax plan to go with it. The GOP needs to clearly define the differences between a Capitalist America where everybody has a chance to succeed, where innovation is not stymied and wealth creation is available for all, and a Socialist society where everybody is made equal by government edict, like the old failed Soviet Union was. “From you, according to your ability, to you according to your need.”


So, the die is cast. No sense in looking back and wasting energy on accusations and acrimony about who’s to blame. Now we know what to do and need to set about doing it. This election did not cancel our Constitution, it is simply being ignored by Obama. State nullification appears to be the best course now open to us. Obey the Constitution and it may save us yet. I have long been a believer in the axiom: “all politics are local.” We got a dose of that reality yesterday, especially with losing so many Senate seat opportunities.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Go get ‘em!  (7 Nov 2012)