Among those getting full pardons was brother of former New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre

Bitter family members angrily blasted Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour after his 11th-hour pardons freed four murderers who savagely killed their loved ones.

“I’m totally disgusted,” said Glenda Walker, whose son was shot to death in 1993 by ex-inmate David Gatlin. “… One man can’t put you in jail. I don’t think it’s right for one man to remove you from jail.”

Her ire was shared by the families of other victims after the quartet of killers was released Sunday night. Barbour’s office said nothing about the pardons until the family members went public with their disgust.

Gatlin was set free less than two weeks after the Mississippi Parole Board shot down his bid for early release.

The freed foursome included Gatlin, convicted of killing his estranged wife and her long-time friend Randy Walker; Joseph Ozment, guilty of gunning down Ricky Montgomery during a 1994 robbery; Charles Hooker, doing life for a 1992 murder; and Anthony McCray, convicted in 2001 for his wife’s killing.

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