Nunya: Definition; None of your business! That’s what one mom is saying about the most recent questions being asked when registering her son for kindergarten. Are you kidding me? You really can’t make this stuff up.

How is this question beneficial to the school system in any way, shape or form?

 for Yahoo News Reported:

Cara Paiuk, the mother of an incoming kindergartner in Connecticut, has persuaded officials to revise their school forms after speaking out about a question that she says got too personal. The inquiry: “Type of birth: Vaginal__ Cesarean__.”

Cara Paiuk was at an introductory event for her son’s upcoming kindergarten class at Aiken Elementary School in West Hartford when she and her husband were handed a packet of forms to fill out. As her husband began to answer questions, Paiuk says she noticed one particularly alarming request for information.

The question, in a section about “birth history,” asked whether her son was delivered vaginally or via C-section. “I ripped it out of his hands and said, ‘You can’t answer that, it’s none of their business,’” Paiuk tells Yahoo Parenting. “This is kindergarten, and they want to know about my vagina! I don’t understand — there’s no correlation between the two for me.”

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