Target Employee Anthony Hardwick and Best Buy employee Rick Melaragni have unwittingly fueled the growing socialist movement in America. They’ve just launched online petitions against their store’s extended Black Friday hours, claiming that the retail giants are asking them to miss the Thanksgiving holiday. The petitions have more than 200,000 signatures and growing. Other copycats are now starting online petitions against their employers as well.

At first glance, it reads like something from a Charles Dickens novel. (Incidentally, Dickens was a Christian socialist). These poor workers are made to work ungodly hours just so Target and Best Buy can make an extra buck this holiday season.

What Mr. Hardwick and Mr. Melaragni have failed to understand, however, is that the Friday after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday” for a very important reason. It’s because this is the day where retail stores sell enough to dig out from being in the red (running a loss) to being in the black (turning a profit). Hence the name “Black Friday.” In our difficult economic times, stores must work harder than ever before to encourage customers to buy their products. This year, it means opening their doors even earlier.

The free market is demanding these hours. And if stores don’t comply, they may lose money. They may lose market share to their competitors. They may go out of business entirely. And where will Mr. Hardwick and Mr. Melaragni find themselves? Unemployed.

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