The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement has been gaining momentum over the last week, as millions of Americans begin taking notice of the unwashed mass congregating near the famous New York City avenue.  What drives these protestors is a question several well-meaning political commentators have asked, while other less-well meaning commentators have chosen to ascribe their own meaning to the protests.  The general consensus sees the right standing against the protests and the left siding with the protests.

The problem with this sentiment is that if the protestors are to be believed then corporate greed and corporate welfare are at the very heart of their protestations.  That is a problem because the current administration (one that many of these protestors vociferously support) has taken in more money from Wall Street than any other politician in the last 20 years.  President Obama is the very definition of a “Bankster”.  The OWS is destroying their own credibility by proclaiming their steadfast support of the Democrat Party and their corporatist leaders.

Another area of concern is the lack of a cohesive message. From across the country the OWS movement has sparked other smaller uprisings in cities as scattered as Sacramento, Atlanta, and St. Louis.  The one constant between each of these chaotic assemblies?  There are none.  In Sacramento the movement started without knowing what to protest, they literally gathered together to try and figure out what they were going to protest!  In Atlanta, the occupiers are joining forces with the anti-war movement.  They are also protesting over the execution of Troy Davis, supporting national healthcare, and decrying budget cuts in public education.  Perhaps the organizers will just change the name of the event to Democrat Party Talking Points Protests Day?  Among the more humorous items in their rhetoric “This movement is about reclaiming America from the corporations that have control of the government.”  In St. Louis most forgot to show up… and those who did decided to break the law.

There are so many inconsistencies within the OWS movement that it is hard to even call these protests “a movement”.

The one constant may very well be something that Republicans can agree with and perhaps even support.  The end of corporatism – but unlike our fellow Americans in the OWS movement, we seek a return to free market capitalist principals.  Seeing as the OWS formed partially as an attack vehicle for the Democrat Party, perhaps the best way for the Republican Party to fight back would be to co-opt part of the movement and use it for its own gain.  It may well be time for Republicans to take up the mantle against corporate welfare and corporate cronyism in our political system… and surprise, surprise there is already a well spoken, charismatic leader doing just that.  May I suggest the Republican leadership let Governor Palin pick this ball up and run with it… and try to keep up.