Rick Perry could be close to announcing his candidacy for GOP presidential nomination just hours after it was revealed that Sarah Palin could also be ready to announce her nomination for the presidential nomination. The decision from Rick Perry comes off the back of a report that suggests Republican donors are not willing to back Michele Bachmann or Mitt Romney and they want both Sarah Palin and Rick Perry to stand to give the Republican party the greatest chance of beating president Obama in 2012 as well as adding some life into a so far drab nomination campaign.

Ricky Perry has started to show perform like a presidential candidate in waiting. After saying the he wouldn’t run a few months ago, Perry over the last couple of weeks has clearly changed his mind and he has started to talk about his record as Texan governor. He has spoken about Texan unemployment which stands at eight per cent, well below the 9 per cent national average. He has also boasted of his record of creating jobs in Texas, from May 2010-11 Texas added 205,400 jobs, according to the Texas Workforce Commission.

In an interview with Newsweek this weekend, Sarah Palin defiantly declared that she can beat President Barack Obama in 2012 and become President of the United States. Although Sarah Plain has not officially declared that she will stand for the Republican nomination, the interview was no doubt her biggest hint yet that she will look to challenge President Obama for the Presidency. Sarah Palin believes she can still win the Republican nomination despite falling way behind Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney in the polls.

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