Far be it for me to offer unsolicited advice to Sarah Palin. She’s built a very successful career out of going rogue and certainly doesn’t need any tips from me.

And, as an occasional pundit, a political influencer and a private citizen, she’s free to throw her weight behind anyone she wants.

But I just have to say it: Newt Gingrich? Really?

Now, I’m not in the camp of conservative elites who think she’s seen her best days and should politely retire to obscurity. If anything, the premiere of “Game Change” on HBO on Saturday is proof that she’s still relevant; she’s got considerable influence over a certain wing of the party.

And so with great power comes great responsibility. Is Newton Leroy Gingrich the most responsible pick?

Of all the remaining candidates, in fact, the one that makes the least sense is Newt. Mitt Romney I could see, if she wanted to bring the party together. Rick Santorum I could see for his social conservatism, strong Christian faith and similar family stories. I could even see Ron Paul for his “throw the bums out” and “end the Fed” rogue-isms. But Newt?

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