Taking to her Facebook page early Friday morning, Sarah Palin took on the issue of young voters and their support for President Obama. Backing up a blog post written by her daughter Bristol about the indifferent attitude shown by young people surrounding recent revelations of massive government surveillance, Palin argued the unwarranted collection of information from innocent Americans comes down to either being pro-America, or not.

From Sarah Palin’s Facebook page:

Obama Broke Up With You. Really. Totally Unfriended You…

Bristol’s spot on. Young Americans better get their heads out of the sand and realize what this president stands for. It’s no longer a partisan problem. This comes down to either being pro-America or not. And if you can’t take a stand for liberty, what DO you stand for? Obama supporters: keep it up and watch America go to hell in a hand basket while you try to sleep at night realizing our veterans fought in vain. Read her post below. And wake up.

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