At this point, it would be easier for school administrators to make a list of leisure-time activities children are allowed to participate in than those they are not. Zero tolerance has become so pervasive that about the only activity approved for kids at recess is to run around in circles, chasing their tails. Check that: Chasing is now also verboten.

At least that’s the case in Calgary, Canada, where David Kemlo, father of a six-year-old, received a letter from his son’s teacher complaining that the boy had been involved in a “chasing game.”

The letter, a copy which appears below, urges Kemlo to brainstorm with his son to see if the two of them can come up with “ways to play nicely at recess, for example, freeze tag, imagination games, or use equipment.” I don’t know what “freeze tag” is, though name doesn’t sound all that promising. And I’m willing to bet that holding a forefinger to resemble a gun barrel is not one of the “imagination games” the teacher has in mind.

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