National Security Adviser Susan Rice told NBC’s David Gregory Sunday that she has no regrets over her last “Meet the Press” appearance days after the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, claiming her false story was provided by the intelligence community and that it was “patently false” to allege that the White House deliberately misled the American people.
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Gregory reminded Rice of the last time she appeared on his show, during her tenure as U.N. Ambassador on September 16, 2012. At that time, Rice claimed that the attacks were unorganized and inspired by an anti-Islamic Youtube video created by an American — information later proven false.

“As you look back at your involvement in all of that, do you have any regrets?” Gregory asked.

“David, no,” she replied. “Because what I said to you that morning and what I did every day since was to share the best information that we had at the time.”

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