Just as the Marine Corps is looking for a few good men, Patriot Update is looking for a few good writers. From time to time I am contacted by people who read my columns or other columns at Patriot Update and ask, “How can I become a writer?” If you are one of those who would like to express your views in writing on politics, economics, social issues, and/or culture Patriot Update might be the place for you to start.
In addition to writing three columns per week for Patriot Update, I am responsible for developing new writers for our site. The writers I oversee are typically volunteers, people who want a chance to get started and reach the broadest possible audience with their articles, but are not seeking payment. If you can write but have not yet found a publisher for your work, Patriot Update might represent the opportunity you have been looking for.
Here is how it works: 1) Review the articles at Patriot Update for a couple of days to familiarize yourself with the tone and point of view of the site; 2) Write a sample article that is 500 to 1,000 words in length on the subject of your choice; and 3) Submit your sample article to me at [email protected] as an email attachment. Once I receive your sample article, I will review and assign it one of three ratings: 1) Ready for publication without any changes, 2) Publishable but in need of editing, or 3) Not yet ready for publication.
If your sample article is ready for publication as submitted, I will forward an Author’s Agreement to you. This agreement states that you are willing to submit one article per week (unpaid). It also requires that you provide a brief biography—one to two sentences—and a mugshot to accompany your articles. Once I have the signed agreement, your article will be published as will each successive article you provide at a rate of one per week.
If your work needs editing, I will provide that service and work with you to get your article (and subsequent articles) in shape for publication. Once your article meets our publication standards, I will send you an Author’s Agreement as explained above. If your article is not yet ready for publication, I will provide a critique explaining why and offering suggestions for improving your writing and trying again.
There are some outstanding writers out there just waiting to be discovered. If you think you might be one of them, take us up on our offer to review your work for publication. We do not offer money—at least not until a writer is well-established—but we do offer an opportunity to get started as a published writer. If your worldview is conservative and you would like to express your opinions on the issues of the day, take us up on this offer. I look forward to receiving your first article. Send it to me at:
[email protected]