As only Laura Ingrahm can tell it:

Pres. Obama wants to force so-called “rich people” to give more money to Washington. But a new AP poll says that about 62% of Americans want to cut government services to fix the deficit while only about 29% want us to pay more in taxes.

“Well, we know one thing that doesn’t create jobs. Let me tell you what doesn’t create jobs. Obamacare didn’t create jobs. The stimulus didn’t create jobs. We’ve lost and bled 8 million jobs since the beginning of this recession. Barack Obama pledged a lot of things including millions and millions of new jobs, saved or created. It hasn’t come to fruition. It’s been a colossal waste of money.”

“If people want to pay more money, they can pay more money. I am so tired of hearing all these millionaires ‘Well, we should pay more money in taxes. It’s all falling on the back of the middle class. The lower 50% of the tax class in this country pays 3% of the overall tax burden. The upper 2% pays about 97.6%. So the idea that the rich isn’t paying its share is a joke.”