Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are unlikely allies – especially because they are opponents in the race for the GOP nomination – but this has not put the lid on commentators of all stripes speculating on the existence of a strategic agreement behind the scenes.

A couple of weeks ago, former Sen. Santorum accused Romney and Paul of conspiring to not attack each other in debates and coordinating similar attack ads. He even sarcastically noted that the two seemed to have already selected each other as running-mates.

This may be the key to understanding the purported collusion between the Romney and Paul campaigns.  Several media pundits hypothesized on the validity of the claims. Joe Scarborough called it an “obvious alliance” and openly speculated on what each side was getting out of the “bizarre” agreement.

A newly released Rasmussen poll shows that both Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have the best chances of beating President Obama in November. The recent poll shows former Massachusetts Governor Romney besting Obama in a general election by three percentage points. The same poll has libertarian iconoclast Paul trailing Obama by one percentage point.

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