Reaction from Republicans was swift — and enthusiastic.

“In choosing Paul Ryan, Gov. Romney is signaling he wants to change the course of government, not manage it.  This is the start of an aggressive, ideas campaign!”

As news outlets confirmed that the Badger State lawmaker would indeed be tapped by Romney on Saturday, Republicans activists throughout the country last night seemed to be trying to outdo the excitement evinced at the Burbank convention last night.  Minnesota State GOP Chairman Pat Shortridge told reporters: “Ryan’s a great pick.  This proves Gov. Romney knows that getting to 270 electoral votes is a means to an end.  Only bold solutions will suffice.”

Arizona Rep. and GOP Senate hopeful Jeff Flake was even more ecstatic, as he tweeted supporters: “Wow! What a powerhouse economic team! It drips of gravitas.  Can’t wait for the fall elections.”

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