Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister of England from 1937 to 1940. He became infamous because of one much quoted sentence, “Peace in our time”. He went to Munich in 1938 and negotiated a treaty with Hitler. He ceded to Germany the right to invade the Sudatenland in exchange for peace for England. Well, we all know how that worked out. Not well at all.

In his inauguration address, President Obama used that same unfortunate phrase. Whether this was from a flawed sense of history or an overwhelming sense of arrogance I do not know or care to think on. It is a free standing fact that needs no further examination. That it was said is more than enough.

The story that we are told is that we are out of Iraq. We will soon be out of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Bin Laden is dead. Al Qaeda is defeated. Obama led from behind in Libya. Ten years of war is over. We have “peace in our time”. I do not buy this story. It is belied by too many facts.

I think that Al Qaeda is a good place to start. Not to be too extreme, but I have some lingering doubts on the complete truth of the Bin Laden story. I am pretty sure that he was captured. I am not so sure that he was killed. It has not been proven to my satisfaction. I am not completely convinced that they don’t have him tucked away someplace. But that is probably unimportant either way. As long as he is out of circulation.

The story that Al Qaeda is defeated is very much more problematical. It seems that Al Qaeda is over-running North Africa especially as Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. From Yemen to Algeria and down into Mali, Al Qaeda and their franchise groups are spreading like wildfire. Certainly Benghazi was the result of this. Even though our Secretary of State declared “it doesn’t matter”. The latest fiasco in Algeria is another example. Every time they make the news it becomes a terrorist recruiting drive both for men and money. But the fact is that it is all Al Qaeda related. They are bigger, stronger, and better trained than ever.

While the weapons preference for assault weapons runs to the ubiquitous AK-47, they seem to be getting a number of heavier arms like RPGs and mortars that are of US manufacture. Possibly through Egypt and Libya. Now for some perverse reason we are giving Egypt F-16 fighter jets. After the words of Prime Minister Morsi about Israel, this strikes me as not a wise move.

While we are bringing troops home from two countries in the middle east, it has been reported that we are sending over four thousand troops into thirty-five countries in Africa. So the administration is exporting small groups of military into some of the worlds most violent areas. Will groups of just over one hundred men be able to operate successfully and see to their own security twenty-four/seven. If they cannot, more Americans will be killed on foreign soil and no doubt the number of troops sent in will escalate. I can’t help but think of Viet Nam. We were just sending in just a few advisers. That is we were until we found ourselves mired down in a full blown war.

So “Peace in our time” is just an illusion of peace. They use words that are spoken to assuage those gullible enough to believe them, such as referring to planned attacks as mob actions. There is a too willing press that is going to just walk on by keeping eyes and cameras front. Nothing to see and nothing to report there. And our great country will go on being a laughing stock to those that would harm us, watching continued unrest and increased attacks through the mid-east and Africa. And possibly seeing more coffins unloaded at Andrews Air Force Base.