Nancy Pelosi said Monday that Democrats are in no way responsible for gridlock in Congress.

The House minority leader made the comments to MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Monday afternoon:

Farrow: “You yourself are an incredible, powerhouse fundraiser for Democratic candidates — is important because of the issues at stake. You’ve been fighting, banging your head against the wall, if you will, on immigration, not getting much traction. I know you think that we could have progress on some of those issues with different leadership. But, as a whole, this has been called again and again a do-nothing Congress. 142 bills passed into law by this Congress, down from 906 in 1948′s famously, also, do-nothing Congress.”

Pelosi: “So you can imagine how ‘nothing’ this is…” Farrow: “Do you feel some culpability lies with Democrats for that?”

Pelosi: “No, I don’t. Let me just say that any of this equivalence of both sides, this or that, no. We never treated President Bush the way they treat President Obama. It’s no use whining about it, we just have to get people out to vote…”

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