There have been about 20,000 rocket attacks on Israel in the past 5 years and 7,000 rocket attacks over the past year. Attacks were down in 2009 when Israel again defended herself, as well as in 2010 and in 2013 but attacks are up 1500% in 2014. Protests broke out in cities all over the world after Israel began its defensive offensive in recent days. Israel has been condemned for killing civilians. We observe Hamas placing made-in-Iran mortars and rocket launchers in market places and schools. Yet I don’t see the world condemning Hamas for such disregard for human life.

One CNN reporter, after observing Israelis cheering their country’s return of rocket fire tweeted that the Israelis were “SCUM”.  When you observe these events, what jumps out at you?

Let’s see, 7,000 rockets a year on an area of only 8,019 square miles. That would be about 3.31 million rockets on an area the size of the United States in a year! If we defended ourselves would nations hit the streets in protest of our defense of self? Would anyone in this country care if the rest of the world held us down while Cuba pummeled Washington DC and New York City with rockets?   No, that would defy logic right? Right.

If one rocket fell on New York City or Washington DC we’d be all over it. So why the dichotomy of rational when it comes to Israel? Is it because they haven’t been there that long? Well, 3,800 years is a long time by anyone’s Rolex. Is it because their religion brings death and destruction to people all over the world bombing the Boston Marathon, overthrowing governments, beheading those that have a different world view? No? Do they traffic slaves through Mexican or African borders, kidnapping and raping and killing girls, you know, stuff we and all countries would move Heaven and Earth to prevent. No?   Then lets remove those politically corrective lenses government run media and academic elitists expect us to wear and expose them for the anti-Semitics that they really are.

Established nations that don’t want to rule the world or bring about world Caliphates or demand the annihilation of other nations have a sovereign right to defend themselves against all enemies foreign and domestic and Israel is no exception. We’ve established that basically all they want to do is exist and certain radical Muslims have a rabid notion that humans of their choosing deserve to be slaughtered.

President Reagan said Americans would make the right decisions, assuming Americans could see events clearly, as they really are. What do you think? Do biased news outlets show us world events as they truly are? What do you see when you wear your own glasses?