Americans were shocked earlier this week when they learned that the vast majority of the animals that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) takes in never leave their facilities alive. In fact, in 2015 PETA killed more than 72% of the animals that came into their care. How’s that for “ethical treatment”? A shocking new story that’s connected to the first may make life even more difficult for the supposed defenders of animals. Fox News has a new report that details the shocking carnage at one PETA facility that the Center for Consumer Freedom is calling a “slaughterhouse.”

A national consumer non-profit group is assailing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, for killing more than 1,000 dogs and cats last year at its headquarters in Norfolk, Va.

In a press release, the Center for Consumer Freedom calls PETA’s shelter at its Virginia location a “slaughterhouse” where it “has once again massacred scores of potentially adoptable pets.”

PETA, the group said, is hypocritical.

PETA for years has been a target of criticism for its high rate – more than 80 percent over the years – of euthanasia at the shelter, the only one it runs, according to the Religion News Service.

PETA officials have said that animals suffer far worse fates than euthanasia, such as illness, pain, and not being adoptable.

Will Coggin, director of research for the Center for Consumer Freedom, told Fox News that his organization wants the public to know that PETA is two-faced when it presents itself as a defender of animals.

“PETA’s disregard for the lives of animals is disgraceful,” Coggin said.

He said the animal-rights group routinely kills over a thousand pets each year.

“It would be better if PETA never even touched the animals, that way they might actually have a chance at life,” he said. “PETA holds itself out as a savior, but it is really just a Grim Reaper.”


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