Senator Dianne Feinstein’s new so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban is basically the end of the Second Amendment in America. 

The definition of an “Assault Weapon” in this bill is broad and they are targeting EVERYTHING — rifles, shotguns and even handguns.

The gun-grabbers see an opportunity to exploit the death of children in order to further their anti-gun agenda and they are going for broke.

Even owners of supposedly “grandfathered” firearms will be treated like common criminals.

If passed, Feinstein’s so-called “Assault Weapons” Ban would:

*** Ban the sale, transfer, importation, and manufacturing or 120 specifically named rifles, shotguns and handguns;

*** Ban the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of ALL firearms with a detachable magazine and at least one “military characteristic” — which could mean just about anything that makes a gun “look scary.”

*** Bans the sale, transfer, importation, and manufacturing of magazines holding more than 10 rounds;

*** Force owners of ALL “grandfathered” weapons to undergo an intrusive background check and unnecessary fingerprinting;

*** Force owners of ALL “grandfathered” weapons to federally register their guns after obtaining a permission slip from local law enforcement showing their guns are not in violation of state or local law.
If you own a $10 magazine that’s more than 10 rounds, you’ll have to register it with the BATFE in their National Firearms Registry.

Vice President Joe Biden — who President Obama has put in charge of ramming new gun control schemes through Congress — has already said he sees no reason why a new so-called “assault weapons ban” can’t pass.

This is what American gun owners are up against and we must step up to the plate NOW to fight back. .

Click on this link, “Assault Weapon Ban Petition” and sign the petition to speak out against Feinstein’s “Assault Weapon” ban

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