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2010 Mid-Term Election Survey


Let Your Voice Be Heard!

We want to get a sense of your thoughts on the results of the Mid-term election. Please fill out the survey below. By providing us your email, we will be able to send you the results once they are tallied. In 6 months, we will ask for your input again to see how you think the new Congress is doing.

  • Roxanna

    Unfortunately there are spineless wonders in Congress, it’s astonishing on how they possibly walk upright!

  • Elwin Valberg

    o is only interested in getting himself elected again, not following the Constitution. If he can’t read the papers then he has a problem that is bigger than I thought.

  • Ron

    Hey how about super hi way from the Dictatorial Mexican Nation tot the USA. It will speed up drug trafficking and illegal sale of guns by our Government officials. I know it will help with the infiltration of more illegal law breaking wet backs with no real quality or skills to offer. Just hands out for USA legal citizens tax dollars. Many of our citizens are Oriental, black, white, hispanic, native americans and so on. We are the true citizens and American’s of this USA nation. GOD BLESS this Christian Nation, if you don’t like christians get the Hell out. We are tired of your agenda to destroy our heritage and culture. By the way when are we legal Americans going to take back our country. From the ungrateful back stabbing non supporting Islamic trouble makers or anyone else who is out to create havoc. Wake up People, Congress, the Senate and President, you are all Sleeping or maybe just stupid, or maybe you are part of the agenda and big picture of destruction and turmoil. I think it maybe time replace all with non Lawywers or millionaires etc.

  • Ron

    ABC this week with christine Amanpour telling us we need to learn more about the Islamic culture and the other side of islam. I don’t give a shit about there culture as they want to destroy our USA nation. They the islamic radicals are the true satanic followers/infidels. Just this week islamic students enrolled in a Catholic college and now are suing them because the christian cross offends them. Get the hell out, go to an islamic college you trouble making ass holes. This a response from 6500 plus petition, we are sick of people trying to destroy our nation using two faced sneaky tactics.

  • John

    Neither the Republicans nor Democrats have shown that they are truely interested int he welfare of this country and Obama? Draw your own conclusions!

  • harvey shreve

    obama needs to go!!