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Stop ObamaCare!



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June 28, 2012 is a day that will live in infamy. It was a day that America officially became a socialist nation. It was a day that marked the end of freedom as we know it.

Ruling 5-4 to uphold ObamaCare, the Supreme Court of the United States approved mandatory, government-run healthcare for all Americans, forcing us into a socialistic system like that of Canada or Europe. Most Americans will no longer be able to keep the insurance they have. Instead, Americans face the reality of impending transfer from private health care to a government-run health plan. The vast majority of Americans reject government-run health care because they know it will reduce the quality and increase the cost of health care, stifle innovation, force the rationing of health care, and deprive us of an important part of our freedom. Nor can our country afford to go deeper in debt to pay for this new program. ObamaCare will help dig a deeper financial hole from which our children and grandchildren will never be able to climb out.

Thankfully, True Patriots do not believe in giving in or giving up. We want to collect 1 million signatures demanding that this Congress repeal the unconstitutional “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” signed by President Obama. We don’t want the conservatives to cave under intense pressure from the media, so let your voice be heard.

Petition to Take the Bill to Repeal Obamacare Off the Table and Vote to Repeal This Unconstitutional Monstrosity

We, the great majority of the American people, are deeply disappointed with, and offended by the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States to uphold the unconstitutional “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” unpopularly known as “Obamacare.” Because Obamacare will reduce the quality and increase the cost of healthcare, stifle medical innovation, discourage people from going into the healthcare field, force the rationing of healthcare procedures, and increase our national deficit and debt, Obamacare is highly unwise and foolish policy. Because it is not based on any power delegated to Congress in the Constitution, violates the Constitution’s guarantee of the equal protection of the laws, and militates against the liberty which is the fundamental principle and purpose of our Constitution, Obamacare is unconstitutional.

We therefore urge you to take a stand for the American people against this outrageous and misnamed healthcare plan: vote to repeal the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

I, the undersigned citizen of the United States, do call upon all members of the United States Senate to take the House bill for the repeal of Obamacare, H.R. 2, “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act” off the table, and then vote to pass that bill and repeal the ruinous, unconstitutional “Obamacare” law.

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  • andy ford

    If Congress had the power to force each person to have healt insurance, then individual liberty would be meaningless. no matter the desires of some elected officials, there are some things Congress simply cannot do.

    • http://sprint/yahoo kittycat78

      Obamacare does dictate that people buy insurance. That’s why there’s a lot of court cases are being filed riht now. As far as the congress goes, obama has been consistently proving he doesn’t need them for many things. He’s been laughing at congress and the American people for quite some time now. What do you think the czars are for? The change things every day by manipulating regulations while obama bypasses congress and goes to the U.N.

    • Walter C Edwards

      Ammendment #28: Congress shall not exempt themselves from legislation imposed upon the public, nor apply special considerations to themselves not approved by their constituents and the taxpayers.

    • faye dexter


    • Doc Donny

      The sooner the better He has ruined this country!

    • treasuregem

      Well, Walter, when are WE going to stand as ONE and do something about it? If We keep allowing it to happen, we’re no better than those in Congress.

    • Will

      Hey that’s right treasure…maybe we could all get together and burn a cross on the White House lawn some night? Would that make you happy?

    • Janice Garner

      Well treasuregem, I’ve always been the one to stick my own head out to be chopped for making unpopular decisions my co-workers were afraid to address. I guess if I had someone willing to stick their own neck out too, I would do that.

    • Janice Garner

      Last I heard, this had already taken effect. From Congress all the way up to the President , including their families are exempt from taking the Health care reform forced on the rest of us even if we retired with a perfectly fine health insurance plan that would not put a strain on the government finances. I don’t know if this can be undone.

    • Janice Garner

      Our politicians can do aything they want, including exempting themselves from unpopular decision making for the rest of us. Shame on them!!!

    • http://aol JIM


    • Stephen Toth

      Did you ever take the spelling portion of your GED exam? You should thank God it didn’t include a section on logic. Did you also forgo the part labeled “govmint”?

    • Mary C.

      So how many states require all car owners or all drivers to have auto insurance?

    • TONY


    • Wayne

      Not to mention, is officially mandated the 35% DEATH Tax is in force.

    • Stephen Toth

      If there was a provision for an intelligence tax, you wouldn’t owe one cent.

    • Eloise

      Bad analogy…….
      Cars are inanimate. They do not make those decisions about their insurance. People do.

    • Doc Donny

      Just wait, if they get any idea that they can, you can bet your sweet bibbie they will start that too!

    • Jack

      States have the right to require auto insurance due to the legal fact and liability you could hurt someone/kill them or damage their property plus the constitution directly speaks to the federal govt on this issue. Plus the needy/disabled have programs medicaid for insurance/ food stamps for food , public housing for housing,so who are these people that fall outside of this catagory and are not covered like the poor and disabled are???

    • Gray

      The difference between Car insurance and 0bamacare is the states (except NH.) do not require you to buy a car.
      They only require that if you do buy a car you purchase the insurance to provide reasonable proof that you can cover any damages incurred by you when operating the car.
      0Bama wants everybody to buy something , the states give you a choice if you want a car you must show proof of your responsibility.
      0bama’s idiots would require you to purchase car insurance whether you own a car or not.

    • Will

      Boy Gray, I hope you don’t ever lose your job and your healthcare coverage. The only thing wrong with the healthcare bill passed by PRESIDENT Obama is that it didn’t go far enough by establishing a public option. That’s because your friends in the Republican Party didn’t want all the health insurance companies to stop making huge profits!

    • BOOKER T


    • Andrew hubert

      Well at least car insurance is not rationed duh and futhermore you do not get a fine from the irs if you do not have car insurance. oh and you can choose you coverage its not picked for you, and you get to pick the company and they dont limit how much you us it stupid

    • Will

      You are so misguided. Because of the health plan that was passed 30 million more Americans are now covered. That’s 30 MILLION. 30 million people who would otherwise receive care that we would all have to pay for. Please don’t let the anti-government anarchists in the conservative movement ruin the Republican party

    • Bob Baker

      Source please. And don’t provide the phony White House crap.

    • jdh

      If it’s upheld a Pres candidate should work to get a law passed to mandate every American own a gun and at least 100 rounds of ammo for it. It’s closer to the Constitution, and if they can force you to buy a product, you should be forced to buy a Constitutional product.

      It’d be interesting to see how the folks who want to ram “health care” (aka bailout Big Pharma that funds Obama) down our throats would like that. And how Dummycrats that think the Fed should run everything would respond to overriding their local anti gun laws, for example

      Obama likes to run around saying this leader should go and that leader should go. It’s time we tell Obama “It’s time for you to go”. Along with his moronic Demagogue friends and Socialist/Communist sympathizers


      Amen & Amen OMG = Obama must go

  • Sheldon

    “obama health care”….that IS the disease!

    Thats like “herpes” with wings!

    Everybody gets some.

    Oh,oh oh !_ _ _ exscuse me… was Bush!

    • USAF VET

      What the H- – – are you talking about. Bush had nothing to do with this monstrosity. It was all Prince Harry, Princess Nancy, and the annointed one Obumski that truly pushed this freedom killer.

    • john dough

      Love the Obumski tag.

      Sooooo, on target.

    • Pat Holohan

      You certainly captured it in a nutshell! How right you are. God bless the VETS!!!!
      Pat H.

    • Will

      Hey VET, you’re right, Bush had nothing to do with PRESIDENT Obama’s healthcare bill. He was too busy getting us into two wars, cutting taxes for the super rich and the oil companies, deregulating the financial industry — all of which led this country to the brink of TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE. What with all he had to do, he was way too busy to care about the uninsured!!!

    • david

      Hey Will dont you wish that President Bush was back. He did more good things by accident than your current president has done on purpose.If only he would announce right now he is not going to run for reelection, this country would have an immediate turn around. That would be the best thing he could ever do in his lifetime for my country and the rest of the free world.

    • Mike

      Bush did NOTHING right….and I would guess that nothing was actually his idea. He had Cheney and Rove and others making all of the decisions for him….and your heroes made a huge mess of our Country!

    • Rob

      The amount Bus spent on the war in Iraq is so minimal compared to what Obama has already spent. He has already spent more than every president combined and knows he cannot adhere to any kind of budget. The democrats have had 2 and a half years to present a budget and they just want to go ahead and spend your money and mine. Even our kids and their kids! When will the spending end? November 2012.

  • Debbie Cody

    Stop Obama Care! We should not have to pay for people who do not want to work!!

    • Mary C.

      At the moment, ther are far more people in this country who want to work than are able to find work. Tnere are many others who are simply unable to work. Should we leave them to founder? (ITWJWD?)

    • John Edwards

      Well, Mary C., it sounds like you have a very big heart!…Why dont you take some of these people in to your home and feed them…..Or is it that you believe that the government should take away my money to feed them?..Im gonna run out of money eventually…What then?…Oh!…I know…We can all share the misery!…Right?

    • Will

      That’s fantastic John…just let them eat cake…and let your friends the oil companies and health insurance companies and big business keep raking in huge profits! Mary is right. Of course the vast majority on unemployed Americans would work if they could find a job. But they can’t because, oh, I forgot, the Republicans created this economic mess we’re in! My advice to you John is to hold on to your money tight, because we’re fighting two senseless wars that Bush got us into and the BIG, BAD Government needs to pay for them!

    • jdh

      Bush didn’t get us into Afghanistan – Clinton failed to protect the country, just as Obama is doing now. E.g. Iranian warships could make perfect suicide nuclear weapon carriers because they don’t have to post a shipping manifest or have traceable cargo. Bush got us into Iraq, yes. But then, Obama got us into Libya (with an unconsitutional edict at that) and is about to get us into Yemen and possibly Syria – but not to protect the US, instead it’s to directly aid Al Quaeda and the Islamic Brotherhood. Can you spell S-T-U-P-I-D?

    • BOOKER T

      if it were not for those company’s ows would have no street to protest on, your debunked.

    • http://facebook Ruby Franks


    • Will

      Hey Deb, I think you’ve got it a little backwards sweetheart. We’re ALL paying for the uninsured right now, that’s why the cost of healthcare is so high (at least that’s what the private health insurance companies tell us, and they would never lie, right?). The healthcare bill is trying to provide the uninsured with coverage, and has already done so for 30 million Americans, so WE DON’T HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR HEALTHCARE ANYMORE, GET IT?

    • Bob Baker

      Who do you think is going to pay for this monstrosity?

      Don’t know? Here is a clue: the taxpayer. Those who believe in obeying the law so that others can claim that because they are ________________________ (fill in the blank) and cannot pay for the insurance, so that the government must buy it for them will have their premiums raised to cover the indolent, habitual loafers, perpetually unemployed, etc who won’t pay. By the way don’t forget the illegals, we will have to provide them with free health.

    • Will

      Who do I think is going to pay Bob? Certainly not the fat cat private health insurance companies that get rich off you and I everyday. If we had a public option, they’d be FORCED to bring rates down.

    • E. Le Cocq

      What a gem of a bill, leveled a forest to microchip us like pets within 3 years of its passing. Get a copy and check pages 1005 -1007 and see for yourself what little surprises they have instore for all loyal citizens of this great country.

  • NoreenAllan Slager

    This whole Plan needs to be scrapped and started over from scratch.
    I have been deemed totally disabled, having had triple-spinal-fusion surgery that did nothing for me other than make my condition at least as bad as before the surgery. The endless, continuous, bone-deep pain, the throbbing, the continuing down into my legs – all of this has me unable to sit or stand for more than 15 mins at a time, I cannot bend, stretch, reach, lift anything over 8 lbs, I am on heavy pain medications plus medications for severe depression. I must wear a lumbar orthotic brace in order to be able to function even minimally due to the pain. And what do I get in the mail yesterday? A notice taking away more benefits from me. This is so unfair, mean, uncompassionate and hateful. I have paid into the system for close to 40 years, until I was deemed totally disabled deemed totally disabled and forced to no longer work, and now for example my physical therapy allowable appointments have been reduced from 32 per year to 3 per year. And let’s not forget to mention all the medications that Medicare no longer approves, forcing either no meds at all or the Administration insisting that more drugs/treatments must be taken to meet more criteria to be able to continue with an original drug that may not be necessary and might be adding additional cost. Also, why is Medicare only allowed to approve and dispense ONLY the Brand Name of a drug when the generics are so much less in price? There is so much more to be said, but suffice it to say that ObamaCare is helping no one, I repeat no one, and is only serving to make us who live in costant deep pain more and more angry and depressed.

    • john dough

      You have got it!!!!!

      Obama is a messer upper, in all things he touches.

      Who needs him???????

      There are plenty of wasteful programs that could be cut.

      Did you see the coin fiasco? Making millions of coins no one wants, so, they are being made and stored. Costing millions. There are many other waste pockets like this. No one wants to look for them. Congress passess laws that are stupid, unconstitutional, wasteful, and we sit, and take it. Time to say NO, NO, NO.

    • Tammy

      My thoughts & prayers are with you. Your story & others like it need to be told nationally so the people that don’t get that it is really a bad law, will. Hopefully before its totally implemented.

    • Will

      Hi Noreen, I really sympathize with you. But don’t you realize that PRESIDENT Obama is trying to help people like you by making sure you have coverage? Don’t you see that all the people who support this site and this blog are saying to you, “Too bad Noreen, but you’re on your own, I’m not helping people like you”.PRESIDENT Obama and the healthcare bill are not to blame, it is the unfeeling, uncaring radical fringe of the Republican Party, the tea baggers, that you need to look out for.

  • http://sprint/yahoo kittycat78

    This obamacare issue is causing a lot of grief for a lot of people. It has already touched mine in this way. I was taking two name brand medications that were doing a great job controlling both blood pressure and cholesterol. With the plan I have, I don’t have a 10 or 20 dollar co-pay. They were aproximately $48.00 each every month. The point is they worked. Then my Dr received a letter asking her to give generics. This was aproximately 6 mos ago. She complied and my life has been miserable with doses changed etc. Both blood pressure and cholesterol are up. Even though I know she will put me back on both name brands when I see her shortly, why was she pushed into making both our lives miserable over this. What do you think is really going to happen when this stupidity really starts to get going. By the way my insurance went up $90 per month this year and I have already been notified it will increase another $90 per month next year. Welcome to obamacare.

    • duane harvey

      thats where your wrong. your doctor will not do as you request. its the goverment that will deside your fate. be it live or die. they do not this is a true story..there was a lady with cancer and the doctor was told not to give her the needed meds for it. so she desided that she could aford them her self and was not able to get them because the goverment team desided that she was no one important and could not get them….well she died. that is obummers health care plan as it is. good luck. but on your browser type in health sciences institute can check out what they offer the people of America. there is a clip that you can hear they have. you will not be disapointed. good day

    • duane harvey

      1 more thing if you can not find it . this will help……

    • Mary C.

      Duane, was this someone you knew? Or is it simply something you heard?

    • http://facebook Ruby Franks

      Why don’t they do something with that monster IMPEACH HIM. can’t they see what he is doing. oh well he;s black no wonder

    • Doc Donny

      Call a Spade a Spade!
      I’m in favor of getting him out of the WHITE HOUSE before he ruins it and this country.
      Enough said.

    • Will

      Hey Doc…call a spade a spade? What a great comment. You just confirmed what every moderate Republican and Democract already knows…the tea bag, oops, the tea party movement is made up of a bunch of racists!

    • Bob Baker

      what a load of crap!!!!

    • Will

      Way to go Ruby!…’Oh well, he’s black?’?? I guess it slipped your (small) mind that it was a white President that got us into two wars (one for no reason whatsoever) and white bankers and Wall Street financiers that got us into this economic mess! But that’s ok, at least they’re white, right?

    • john dough

      The cholesterol drug I took made me sick, thought I was getting one of those muscular diseases.

      Took less of a dose than prescribed, and it still happened. Now, lawyers are advertising lawsuits for damages for this drug. I take nothing, and I feel fine. No muscle problems.
      Drugs can cause problems. Be leery, be very leery.

      I take drugs with great reluctance.
      I take a multi vitamin, and a baby aspirin,

      Someone I know has had problems with pain after back surgey, and is determined to deal with the pain usinf physical therapy, ONLY.
      It is working. At it for years.
      and I am an octoginarian.

    • Will

      Kitty, I hate to inform you but the healthcare bill passed by PRESIDENT Obama had nothing to do with either the switch to generic drugs or your rate going up. It’s your insurance company that wanted to switch you to generics and raised your rate. For no other reason than it wants to make more MONEY! And it will because sadly people have no public option plan to turn to so that they can pay LESS!

  • http://gmail Dennis

    Obamacare,Pg58&59,Give Obama’s Federal Government FULL access to all of our Retirement,401K,IRA’s,Saving’s and checking account’s.This is electronic payed to the Federal Government.All payments will be automaticly taken from all of our account’s.Obamacare will be paid.If this is not stoped we all lose our right’s our liberty and our contry.I’m only suprised that our congress is not fight and amy sense of urgency.Are they complicet and part of this game,I just can’t tell.Well in short Obama and his marxist administration need’
    s to go.If the old guard in the house are not going to fight for us then they can be replaced.

  • Betty

    America – The only HOPE for AMERICA is PRAYER. If only we had Americans to care for, but no let’s see. We have every nationality here you can dream of , And WE try and fight other counties battles and we can’t even take care of our own PEOPLE!!!!
    DUH!! Bring back American Jobs to AMERICA, Let’s take of our own FIRST,Cut spending in Wa. how many vacations do you get? Obama and MISS I HATE WHITE FOLKS??? Where has good old common HORSE SENSE GONE??

    • Will

      Great Betty, Have you forgotten that it was a Republican President that started the two wars we are currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan? PRESIDENT Obama is not to blame. Oh, by the way, where are those WMDs?

  • E.

    There is no way we can sign a petition as long as you ask for too unnessary personal information! ! !

    • Will

      Awwww…what’s the matter ‘E’…I thought all the tea baggers wanted to stand up and be counted. Maybe what you need is a white hood to cover you face. Would you feel more comfortable then?

  • James Sexton

    Why does he want to destroy our country. Not only do I not get it, I’ll never support him1 He has recieved the fruits of being and prospering in a free country that has given him everything! Very Very Sad!

    • Will

      You’re right James…where’s Sarah Palin when we need her? Oh, that’s right, she quit on the people of Alaska to go write (as if she actually wrote anything, thank God for ghostwriters)books and make million of dollars for spewing her hateful rhetoric!

  • Philip Shelton

    Lets not forget that Obamacare allows them to gain direct access to your bank account and the ability to withdraw on the spot. We the people should get rid of all the senators and congressmen that allow this backdoor socialist approch to ruin the U.S.

    • Will

      That’s right Philip, let’s get some government hating, big business loving idiots in there! Then we’ll all be just fine.

  • Inkey

    Only a empty suit like their is in the white house could come up with such an idea.

  • Eric

    Why has this new congress not done a thing to repeal this disaster about to hit this country. If Boehner will not stand up and try to repeal this mess, repeal his leadership role.

  • http://PatriotGuardRider Lou Rodio

    I can’t believe that Obama has not been impeached by now. He’ broken every rule in the book as far as White House procedures go. He makes his own rules and has the attitude of’ it’s my way or the highway”. I don’t understand how this man was elected President. If the American people wanted a black President, fine. There are a lot more intelligent black people that are a hell of a lot more qualified than this guy. Unbelievable.

    • Will

      Geez Lou, don’t blame Boehner…he just understands what all the fringe tea bag party radicals don’t…that our two party system is built on COMPROMISE.

  • Doc Donny


  • David in NY

    This is a stupid petition. Without the Affordable Care Act, my 23-year-old son would have no insurance.

    • john dough

      ME, ME, ME, ME.

      It is always someone’s ox, who is being gored, and they squeal. The issue is bigger than ME!

  • hugh weston

    Jobs and increase revenues? Cut spending,cap spending,and balance the budget.Remove Obamacare.Drill-drill-the price of gas will decline and we will not have to depend on foreign oil especially from those not our friends, Attack FRAUD in Medicare ,Medicaid ,”Pork”and Special Interest ‘deals’in Government.Adjust taxes and rules to encourage local manufacturing by small businesses and private enterprise.Close the loopholes.Encourage good family values and good morals.Keep us at No 1 in defense and thus keep us safe.School choise by parents Michele Bachmann and Mark Rubio appear the best to trust to implement this!

    • Will

      Hugh, you’ve got to be kidding me, right? Michelle Bachmann? You mean the same Michelle Bachmann that thinks the battle of Lexington and Concord was fought in Concord, New Hampshire? Yea, she’d make a great President…why not elect Bozo the clown?

    • Willisobviouslyawelfarerecipient

      We did!….. He’s in the White House at this very moment! Don’t worry though, it won’t be for much longer….

    • Will

      Hey Hugh…I have news for you…the wingnuts in the tea bag party are all unelectable. Do you really think that moderate Republicans Independents and Democrats would ever vote for one of those crazies to actually become President of the United States of America? What a joke…a scary joke.

  • Kayla

    Here we Go, NOW let’s resurrect common sense, we all know that Obama or Osama Care what ever you call it is going to be like the postal system. The constant increase cost for services, this is what will happen with Obama care. The government will raise the cost of health care and we won’t be able to stop those dead beats, we will be screwed. The Patriot update article states;**** As we approach a victory on overhauling the $8.5 BILLION annual deficit of the United States Post Office (USPS), they know that these fiscally responsible policies will spread to other bloated government agencies. One thing for sure is the government has a poor track record managing money, the tax payer remember was being screwed by paying 700 dollar Hammers, 900 Dollar Shitters (toilet stools) etc. Our leaders need to be Performance Rated like Teachers of our children should be and then deduct pay if they fall below the Mean. Obama and his Clan will destroy and lie, cheat and rob your tax dollars and line there pockets with our cash, piss on that.

    • Will

      Way to go Kayla! Let’s put a tea bag party wingnut in office and stop all this waste! Why support a good-for-nothing President that wants to try and help the 95% of Americans with a household income of less $250K…you go girl, piss on it!

    • Stephen Toth

      If you were “intelligence rated” you’d fall somewhere between a hamster and a guinea pig.

  • Ron

    When you are told where to buy or how you are going to be forced by law to buy government mandated insurance or anything else or be fined or jailed, that’s bull shit. What the hell then is going on with illegal law breaking people being allowed to receive all the benefits of legal Americans. The government won’t enforce immigration laws so piss on Obamacare, its unconstitutional anyhow. We rise up and we will over come, we will over come, we will over come, Freedom, Freedom, we will over come Obama care, oh yes we will over come, FREEDOM.

  • Hubcap

    Obama does as he pleases and ignores Congress.
    Breaking: Documents show Obama implemented Dream Act despite Congress rejection
    Posted by Floyd on September 2, 2011

    Records Show Obama Administration Began to Implement Provisions of the DREAM Act Rejected by Congress; DHS Official: “And we wonder why ppl [people] FOIA us.”

    Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Part 7
    Part 8
    Part 9
    Part 10

  • Sergeant Major White Owl (TEAPUBLICAN) Extreme Far Right Conservative

    Our founding fathers which were by large majority; Christians and willing to die for what they forged (U.S. Constitution).
    b HUSSEIN oslamaCARE is not what the people want. For those that think they do want it, allow them to sign up for it. Pay as you go because we the majority are not going to pay for your health care. For those that can not afford any health care – to bad. Get a job with private health care. For those that get health care and do not pay anything – it is time you start paying. For those of you that want something for nothing – your scum and I will not pay for your lack of sucess. Americans that read this, stand up and shout out loud how you feel; to your neighbor, congress, church, etc… To the MAJORITY, take back our contry by being bold like our founding fathers.

    • Will

      Unfortunately Sarge, if you had studied history you would know that the majority of our Founding Fathers, including Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, were in fact agnostics and Deists.

    • BOOKER T

      fact: 84 % of the entire singers of the constitution were in fact Christians, your debunked.

    • Stephen Toth

      Most were deist or Unitarians (which doesn’t preclude also being christian) including Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, Monro and of course Thomas Paine (remember him? The Father of the American Revolution?)…

      You can easily find the info on Jefferson’s lack of Christian beliefs..he was very vocal about this and wrote many letters…but here is one bit for you: A footnote where the asterisk appears cited Meade as proof that avowed unbelievers sometimes served as vestrymen “As Bishop William Meade put it, somewhat nastily, in 1857, `Even Mr. Jefferson and [George] Wythe, who did not conceal their disbelief in Christianity, took their parts in the duties of vestrymen, the one at Williamsburg, the other at Albermarle; for they wished to be men of influence'” (William Meade, Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia, 2 vols., Philadelphia, 1857, I, p. 191).

      Monroe: In 1785, when the Commonwealth of Virginia was considering passage of a bill “establishing a provision for Teachers of the Christian Religion,” Madison wrote his famous “Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments” in which he presented fifteen reasons why government should not be come involved in the support of any religion.

      Washington: In his Annals of the American Pulpit, The Reverend William B. Sprague, D.D., wrote a biographical sketch of the Reverend James Abercrombie, the other pastor of the congregation Washington attended. In this work, Sprague quoted Abercrombie in confirmation of what White had written to Mercer

      One incident in Dr. Abercrombie’s experience as a clergyman, in connection with the Father of his Country, is especially worthy of record; and the following account of it was given by the Doctor himself, in a letter to a friend, in 1831 shortly after there had been some public allusion to it “With respect to the inquiry you make I can only state the following facts; that, as pastor of the Episcopal church, observing that, on sacramental Sundays, Gen. Washington, immediately after the desk and pulpit services, went out with the greater part of the congregation–always leaving Mrs. Washington with the other communicants–she invariably being one–I considered it my duty in a sermon on Public Worship, to state the unhappy tendency of example, particularly of those in elevated stations who uniformly turned their backs upon the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. I acknowledge the remark was intended for the President; and as such he received it” (From Annals of the American Pulpit, Vol. 5, p. 394, quoted by Remsberg, pp. 104-105).

      Abercrombie went on to explain that he had heard through a senator that Washington had discussed the reprimand with others and had told them that “as he had never been a communicant, were he to become one then it would be imputed to an ostentatious display of religious zeal, arising altogether from his elevated station” (Ibid.). Abercrombie then said that Washington “never afterwards came on the morning of sacramental Sunday” (Ibid.).


      John Adams: Treaty of Peace and Friendship, which states in Article XI that “the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion.”

      Benjamin Franklin, said:
      As to Jesus of Nazareth, my Opinion of whom you particularly desire, I think the System of Morals and his Religion…has received various corrupting Changes, and I have, with most of the present dissenters in England, some doubts as to his Divinity; tho’ it is a question I do not dogmatize upon, having never studied it, and think it needless to busy myself with it now, when I expect soon an opportunity of knowing the Truth with less trouble.”

      and of course

      The Treaty of Tripoli, passed by the U.S. Senate in 1797, read in part: “The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.” The treaty was written during the Washington administration, and sent to the Senate during the Adams administration. It was read aloud to the Senate, and each Senator received a printed copy. This was the 339th time that a recorded vote was required by the Senate, but only the third time a vote was unanimous (the next time was to honor George Washington). There is no record of any debate or dissension on the treaty. It was reprinted in full in three newspapers – two in Philadelphia, one in New York City. There is no record of public outcry or complaint in subsequent editions of the papers.

  • BAND

    I have spent time recently in two countries that have socialized medicine, i.e. Britain and France. In Britain it is a second rate thing, I guess it is the expense? In France it is a good coverage but the government is laboring under a terrible cost. They are doing what they can to reduce the cost. I think we should be consulting with France before we get real with ObamaCare. Obviously the Democrats in Congress have created an economic monster.

    • Floyd

      We may be overlooking the major problem with health care. All doctors think they should be Millionaires. $200.00 is too much for a 10 minute office call. Get their charges down and most of the medicare problems would be solved.
      I lived in England for five years and didn’t hear any complaints about their health care. Our government took over the family’s job and then went wild. The government has no responsibility to provide phones to people who won’t work. When people won’t educate themselves and prepare for a job then so be it. A man who will not work should not eat. Temporary assistance is okay but this permanent assistance with everything paid for is outrageous. My wife and I have a cheap phone and hold cost down to live on a fixed income plus our savings. I worked from 15 years of age and during high school. I am better off for it. I expected to work.

  • Will

    Actually, I’ve never been on welfare or unemployment in my life and I’m willing to bet I make twice as much as you do. And how about those darn welfare recipients, huh? They must ALL be slackers, right? By the way, how much money do you think Bozo Bachmann and her deadbeat husband made off of those 22 foster kids??

    • david

      Will why don’t you calm down , relax and start reading the Bible. Gods word will really change your life for the better. Then you will see the truth. Jesus is the only way. He said, I am the Way the Truth and the Life no one come to the Father but by Me.

    • Will

      Hi David, I happen to be a Christian. You seem like a sensible guy. Let me ask you, as a Christian, how can you turn your back on so many Americans who are less fortunate than we are? As well as a President who is trying to help ALL Americans, not just the wealthy and entitled. Maybe some of the people who spew such hate on this blog should read their bibles too.

    • BOOKER T

      he is a hard core muzzlim, he hates you big time, he hates america, his father hated america, a communist in a progressive shirt, funny, he is the biggest shill for the N.W.O.

    • Mr. Freedom

      The Bachmans provided a loving home to 22 foster kids and their own children. Excuse me dumb a$$, how many Foster kids did you raise?? Why is it that dummycrats and libernuts are alway envious of others. Why the heck don’t you get off your fat a$$ and work for a living, instead of living on the dole, possibly you coul;d make something of yourself, although with present brain power you most likely fail anyhow.

    • Bob Baker

      Mr. Freedom, I don’t believe it is envy. The dummycrats and libernuts (as you so aptly named them) are set on having two classes of people in this country. The aristocrats, made up of liberals and “good” democrats, who will have developed a form of serfdom with them in the position of Lord of the Manor.

    • Will

      Mr Freedom, Let me repeat as I have several times that I have never collected unemployment, am working now, and always have. I just think it’s time we try and help those less fortunate than we are.

  • sueann west

    Response to Will and other misguided thinkers : You are TOTALLY incorrect on your comment that the majority of our Founding fathers were agnostic or Deists. Here are the FACTS: There were 55 delegates to the Constitution Convention. 28 Episcopalian, 8 Presbyterian, 7 Congregationalist, 2 Dutch Reformed, 2 Lutheran, 2 Methodist, 2 Roman Catholic, 1 unknown, and 3 ‘presumed’ Deists (where there isn’t even evidence to support their Deism!). PLEASE GET YOURSELF AN EDUCATION IN THIS REGARD, AND STOP SPREADING LIES ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO FORMED THE GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURE OF OUR COUNTRY. You probably are one of the ones who also think the Constitution orders separation of church and state. Again – get yourself an EDUCATION! because THAT is the biggest MYTH AND MIS-UNDERSTANDING THERE EVER WAS. Here is how the CONFUSION originated: Thomas Jefferson was REPLYING in a letter back to the Baptists, who were concerned that the nation was going to declare a NATIONAL religion, thereby preventing worship of any others. Mr. Jefferson ASSURED them that indeed there would NOT be a national religion, ie. that EVERYONE would be FREE to worship however they chose. (Freedom of Religion, get it?) Jefferson (as well as our Constitution) did NOT mean, in any way, shape or form, that there should be NO religion at all, or expression or practice thereof, in public or anywhere else. In fact, the intent and rule of law is JUST THE OPPOSITE!!!. Our Founding fathers were CLEARLY religious, not only as their affiliations indicate, but very often reflected and referenced Biblical law and thinking in their Constitution debates and writings (don’t take it from me, go read the Federalist and AntiFederalist papers!). AND, like DUH…they regularly said prayers while creating and conducting governmental affairs. We should all hope and pray our current and future electorate would emulate even HALF the values and Christian beliefs held by our Founding fathers. Our country would INSTANTLY be in better shape ! Again, get yourself an EDUCATION, because you have joined too many others who COMPLETELY missed the message in Jefferson’s letter, as well as the interpretation of our Constitutional rights. In case you don’t know where to begin your education, one way is to look up Institute On the Constitution, in Pasadena, MD. P L E A S E take the responsibility to eliminate your ignorance. Thank you and may God bless your effort in that regard.

  • BAND

    So far those few Western countries that have taken on socialized medicine have found it to be terribly expensive but they are stuck with them. British socialized medicine has cornered themselves in expense to socialized medicine is second rate.

    France’s socialized medicine is considered to be first rate BUT they are doing their best to reduce costs. That will be an interesting country to follow in the long run and to copy IF they can afford to continue it. The individual french that I have asked about this seem satisfied with it

  • SanctuaryLady51

    Inited we stand, divided we fall. That doesn’t mean burning crosses or anything else. People just need to get off their six and DO something together for OUR country and OUR children’s future.

  • SanctuaryLady51

    Correction…United we stand…


    One of the aspects of Oboma’s health care bill has emerged,Real-Time access to individuals bank accounts, including the ability to make on-demand electronic fund transfers, will be granted to the goverment,(PER SECTION 163)OF THE BILL.THIS WOULD ELIMINATEAN INDIVIDUAL’S banking privacy and auyonomy, destroying one of the last vestiges of freedom. This clown has got to go.

  • john477

    It will be most interesting to see what the ruling in the supreme court on Obamacare says about the constitutionality of forced purchase of a product…any product for any reason. One simply cannot predict the outcome on a decision like this as there simply is no common sense left in this world. The decision will come in the form of many, many pages of “justification” by the justices, instead of simply reading the constitution and applying it.
    Freedom and liberty necessarily should include the freedom to harm oneself. We should also include the right of refusal to medically treat one who intentionally harms themselves by not using health insurance. This would prevent financial cost-shifting harm to those who do use health insurance. The means-tested government option supports those not truly able to insure themselves. If one is not qualified by low income for the Gov.Program, and has intentionally refused to insure, so be it. We should feel no obligation to cost-shift and provide care for those individuals…it is the price of freedom. Freedom to be an excessive risk-taker…and lose. Repeal is the only answer true to our founders.

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    87 % of the entire country say it’s unconstitutional.

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    Talk about insider trading. This was well planned out in advance. They cant repeal it because of what they have made off of it. Even good old Michelle Obama profitied.Look at their networth since Obama has become into office . It is disgusting what they have made at our expense.

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