As you may have recall I wrote an article at the end of last year exposing the Wounded Warrior Project for the minuscule amount of donations that actually go to programs meant to help veterans. I also highlighted a number of veterans who felt like props and fundraising tools rather than actually getting help.

Plus there’s the fact that the Wounded Warrior Project is against the 2nd Amendment.

You can read all about it here: Stop Donating to the Wounded Warrior Project – They’re a Fraud

Among the hundreds of comments from other veterans who agreed with the article and shared their own stories of being pawns in the WWP’s end game of making money, a number of people asked “what is an alternative organization I can give to in order to help vets?”

A reader emailed me directly and told me to look into the Phoenix Patriot Foundation. I looked into it and I REALLY liked what I found. And Phoenix isn’t in reference to the city (they’re based out of San Diego) but rather the legendary bird that rises from the ashes to live again. Ex Cinere Surgemus – Out of Ashes We will Rise. Poetically accurate.

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