It’s easy to imagine Emily Litella doing a segment on this, beginning with the question “What’s this I hear about ill eagles?” But there’s little to laugh about in the kneejerk liberal response to a poorly spelled message anonymously spray-painted on a wall in Westminster, Md. A screen grab of the sentiment, which reads in all caps “NO ILLEAGLES HERE, NO UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS,” appears below.

CBS Baltimore notes that the graffiti is being treated as a hate crime, which is puzzling insofar as the message merely raises an objection to people entering the country illegally. Is it now a crime to express opposition to lawbreakers? More quizzical still was the reaction of Maryland State Police Sgt. Marc Black, who is quoted as saying:

The tone of the crime is what we’re really concerned with. Again, you are targeting a specific group just based on their nationality.

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