I am an Australian and I believe Piers Morgan should be deported from the United States immediately.

Protecting America is the great moral imperative of our time. It is incumbent upon every person in the world, irrespective of nationality, to keep America strong.

For it is the indispensable nation; still the last best hope for man. Fiscal cliff, debt ceiling and receding optimism aside, it remains the providential nation whose light still keeps the world out of darkness. The one who ensures Israel’s existence.

It is still the exceptional model of culture to which every nation should and must aspire. Any person who disputes this is either bereft of intelligence or jaundiced beyond clarity.

Piers Morgan, intentionally or unintentionally, weakens America. He seeks on a nightly basis, much like the President of the United States, to remove every facet of American culture that has made it exceptional. He wishes to turn the great Republic into just another country. The America Piers Morgan desires, with his left-liberal worldview, would be no different to any nation of Europe. And that would be disastrous for the world.

Morgan’s incessant campaigning for gun control in the wake of the tragedies of Aurora and Newtown is exploitative and shameful. Conducting hostile interview after interview, he displays contempt for those Americans with an unshakeable belief in their Constitution. It appears that Mr. Morgan can simply not compute in his mind that the Second Amendment is not there for duck hunting but to hunt tyranny, internal or external, if it finds its way to the soil of freedom. This is a common phenomenon for citizens of other nations; they are conditioned from birth to see government as helpful and trustworthy, and to turn to it for help first. Where there is something of the cowboy in every American, there is a little of the sheep station in everyone else.

The Constitutional right to bear arms is a centerpiece of American exceptionalism. It is a matter of freedom, of liberty, of strength, of individualism. It might look ugly to Morgan and his more lightly armed European sensibilities, but unlike the European continent he pines for, America has never proven fertile ground for a fascist political movement.

The most tragic story of the world is the British one. As an Australian, I love my mother country, the once great nation of England, and fight to protect the ties of heritage of the two countries. But Britain today, aside from the rural countryside, rolling hills and magnificent buildings, is a dreary, feminized, unspiritual, collectivist police state where British pride and manufacturing is found only in the rarest antique shop. It is dangerous and replete with Islamic extremism. Demographically, Britain is a spent force. Not to mention their descent into one of the most secular societies on earth. It certainly isn’t the country of Churchill anymore. And this is what Morgan seeks for America?

I know Mr. Morgan will contend that each of these criticisms of England have nothing to do with gun control. And what am I seriously suggesting? That England would not be the way it is if people had access to the firearms Americans do? Each of the realities of the UK described above are not stand-alone; they reflect a mentality, an approach, a certain spirit. And yes, British demographic problems exist for the same reason that guns were able to be removed from law-abiding citizens. England is fiercely divided by its failed politically-correct policy of multiculturalism for the same reason that its citizenry was able to be disarmed. And yes, Britain is in the state it is today because its citizenry have been unwilling to fight for their individual liberties having been convinced to surrender their liberties for some vague notion of the greater good. It’s all about going along to get along, and that’s how nations come to be at the mercy of radical Islam and socialism.

What Morgan does not appreciate is the cultural impact of the Second Amendment.
Having the right to bear arms keeps you independent, self-reliant, strong, confident and protected. The founders knew it was the way to always preserve individualism and empower people over their government. And the very philosophical principles behind bearing arms are the same ones that have seen America be the most innovative, wealthy, optimistic, patriotic, religious and powerful nation this world has ever seen.
Maybe Mr. Morgan is cleverer than I give him credit for. Maybe he gets that it is linked. Maybe he knows that if he can help achieve American citizen disarmament, then the secular-progressive worldview centered on a weak America can take hold.

My challenge to Mr. Morgan is this: have me on your show. One outsider against another outsider. Two funny accents debating what makes America great, and the role of the Second Amendment. Australia v England on America. Let’s talk about what has really happened to Australia (hyperlink “Australia” to http://patriotupdate.com/articles/america-the-last-bullet-in-the-chamber/) and England since the law-abiding were disarmed. Let’s talk worldviews and what makes America strong. Check me out, Mr. Morgan. My website is www.nickadamsinamerica.com. I’ll wait for your booker’s call.

To my American friends: not all outsiders think as Mr. Morgan does. Not all of us are as ungrateful or offensive. He might not thank you that he didn’t grow up eating Sauerkraut and Kartoffel but I sure am grateful I’m not eating sushi.