My wife and I recently attended a Lincoln day dinner where two governors, one current and one previous, as well as our congressman spoke. They spoke so passionately while looking right at the audience that you knew how committed they were to their words. Words that were so well organized, articulated so smoothly and personably presented without a teleprompter. It personified how real leaders speak from the heart, not from their scripted comments written by someone else. As they spoke about our nation and past great leaders, I wondered who president Obama resembles. It has been said that without a teleprompter he sounds like a village idiot, as he stalls and rambles through a press conference without ever answering the questions posed, but I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

With the understanding that leadership is about legacy and leaders will have a legacy—either good or bad—I searched. It is also worth mentioning that those who try to build a legacy are not good leaders but rather actors as a truly great leader’s legacy is not sought after but cemented in eternity by the right choices they make while serving others by doing their job.
When looking at past American and other world leaders I saw some interesting comparisons. For example Obama compared to: 1) Putin, is like it is like Johnny English (Obama) vs. James Bond, and 2) compared to Ronald Reagan is like Pee wee Herman (Obama on a 10 speed) vs. John Wayne. George W. Bush accomplished success in business through hard work. He encouraged business growth and could throw a baseball. Obama, by comparison, demonizes success, will let you work then steals the profits to give to someone else and throws like a girl, (Michele is more buff). Margaret Thatcher who stated “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money ” had a backbone. Hence, her nickname “the Iron Lady.” Obama loves spending other people’s money but has no resolve or backbone when dealing with Islamic terrorists or special interest groups. Hence his nickname “ Jell-O Daddy.”

Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that said “The buck stops here.” Last year Obama trying to be Trumanesque stated “The buck stops with you.” Truman made it clear to all that as the President of the United States he fully understood his responsibility as the chief executive. He knew that he and he alone was morally and legally accountable for all actions of his office, his cabinet and his nation.

It is clear that Obama still doesn’t understand his job description. As America cries out for leadership, he continues to campaign. As Americans suffer in unemployment lines, he continues to vacation. He encourages emotional responses instead of critical thinking, and has yet to take any responsibility for his administrations botched ‘Fast and Furious” gun running and lack of response to the Benghazi attack.

So while reading a best seller I came across an example of a misleader. He was an individual tasked with administering justice, who was more concerned with political expediency versus doing what was right, having several opportunities to do the right thing. He allowed an innocent man to die, all because he was afraid of the crowd and willing to do whatever was necessary to keep his job. Knowing the truth and what was best for his people he chose to do wrong as he preferred a lie so as to preserve his own career; all while washing his hands of any blame and claiming everyone else was at fault.

This misleader could have been president Obama, but it was actually Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor responsible for sentencing Jesus to death. Obama and Pilate are a perfect fit. All Obama does is worry about himself, and with every bad turn he is constantly washing his hands of any responsibility or blame for anything that goes wrong. We have seen him deflect blame for anything from out of control spending, the rapidly growing debt, the lack of a budget in four years, high tax rates, sequestration, terrorist attacks, violence in America, poor economy, high fuel prices, high unemployment, and the radical islam terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Boston, Texas, and Afghanistan.

The multiple issues in life that daily vie for the president’s attention are likened to a pack of hungry dogs. It is said that we will be slaves to the dogs that we feed the most. Obama is feeding a lot of bad dogs, from planned parenthood—an organization that murdered more than 333,000 unborn babies last year—the deviant rights groups committed to destroying the institution of marriage, islamic extremists, the Mexican drug cartels, and the new black panthers. Sadly he not only feeds these dogs, but funds them as well, and the media is mute. Thus he can claim that his hands are clean and get away with it. The most recent examples are the Boston bombing suspects’ associations and the Gosnell trial. The latter showcases the dark side of the same legislation Obama championed in Illinois so aptly called the “lie there and die there” legislation, which allows doctors to murder babies who survive an abortion by providing no assistance.

Clean hands or not Obama will always be a slave to planned parenthood’s infanticide agenda, which includes genocide within the Black community. He also fully owns the anti-family perversion agenda and the dissolution of marriage and the family unit as well as the renewed islamic terrorist attacks.

It is said that our strength is found in things we stand for; our weakness in things we fall for. With all Obama continues to fall for, buy stock in hand sanitizer. The one thing we can count on is that Barack Obama will continue to wash his hands of any responsibility for the problems his inane socialist policies are causing.