Next We’ll Hear Sarah Palin Gave Birth to the Arizona Shooter

Put Franz Kafka, Eugene Ionesco and Lewis Carroll all in one room and even they couldn’t produce a fictional scenario more absurd than what Americans have witnessed in the last few days. A 22-year old human time bomb takes out 6 innocent people, injures almost 20 others, shoots a congresswoman in the head and within minutes the left names a person of interest- a mother of five from Alaska, Sarah Palin – as being responsible.

By all accounts Palin has not raised any deranged killers. In fact, one could say that despite her responsibilities as mayor of Wasilla and Governor of Alaska she and Todd have done a pretty good job where their children are concerned. So why does the left find it so easy to place blame on someone else’s mother but not the killer’s?

It’s no secret that in most cases of these young homicidal psychopaths the parents act as if they were on Mars while the teens were buying 9mm glocks , posting ominous, threatening videos online and exhibiting gross anti-social behavior. You’d think if young Jared was drinking, smoking pot, erecting satanic shrines in the backyards, scaring the heck out of classmates, failing drug tests and posting bizarre messages on Myspace, Mom and Dad might notice. Apparently, they just look the other way and so does the media.

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