It appears that our government may have made some grave miscalculations on a couple of key issues. The liberals have tasted blood after the reelection of their king and now they believe that there support has been solidified and they can get away with anything. I think they may need to reconsider that.

First, they went ahead and passed their little “fiscal cliff’ legislation even though they were only given three minutes to read it. What else would anyone expect? We know congress can’t read the legal language they pass into law. It turns out, as many angry liberals are discovering, that the biggest tax burden in the bill falls on the lower and middle classes and not the evil disgusting rich. Many of us conservatives spent a great deal of time trying to warn people of this.

We have known for the past four years that President Obama’s policies would favor his rich friends and hurt the middle class. We know that his idea of wealth distribution means taking it from you and giving it to the ever expanding, all powerful government. What’s funny, yes I find it quite hilarious, is that many of his biggest supporters, those believing that Obama was going to rip the undeserved profits from those evil rich people and give it to them are finding out there paycheck is about 100 dollars smaller. This affected my wife and me just the same, which is why I argue for conservative policies. Perhaps this group of people may now find themselves a little more interested in exploring the conservative alternative.

The second thing I would like to point out is that their attempt to rally people to the anti-gun dark side is having the exact opposite effect. People are buying weapons off the shelves of gun stores across the country. Just this weekend 15,000 people attended a gun show in California. Despite what they would have you believe it isn’t just the old, white, bitter clingers that are interested in exercising their second amendment rights neither. I have always believed that the second amendment is the one issue that held the potential to keep Americans united if all the other obvious reasons were to fail.

As our traitorous leaders in Washington are marching to the beats of their own drummer in their attempts to demonize the gun owner, the real affect it is having is that Americans are beginning to remember what it means to be free. Americans are starting to see that freedom hangs somewhere in the balance and they are not quite ready to see it go by the way side. It shows that we are not that far separated from our grandfathers and the truth of our remarkable history.

Mr. Obama once said the issue of gun control would be decided by public opinion. Well Mr. President, 74% of the American public believes gun ownership to be an inalienable right. How’s that for public opinion? I take a certain amount of comfort knowing that Americans are taking this attitude toward gun ownership because it shows that not all is lost.

My friends, if there was ever a time to become a bit of a “boat rocker” and start voicing the conservative position the time is now. When you’re in line at the grocery store and the liberal in front of you is complaining about their smaller paycheck that is your cue to explain to them and all who will listen why their pay check is smaller. It’s time that we start using their tactics of “sowing the seeds of discontent” against them while this small window of opportunity has presented itself. While people are actually in the moment of seeing the truth we must do what we can to seize upon the narrative and get those willing to listen to cross the line and come to our side. We can still win this America; we can stand united for freedom and truth and preserve our nation. We don’t have to let them divide us.