When contacted for comment about this blatant violation of privacy, Chief Ron Boisvert, stated that the form should not have been included in the packet… but that it was for internal use only.

It’s getting to the point that I’m not even surprised at Cuomo’s corrupt administration and blatant disregard for the rights of his citizens. Citizens…it’s also getting to the point that I wonder how long New Yorkers will even warrant being called that; for they are on the fast track to subjugation.

A poster from nyfirearms.com was brave enough to recount publicly his ordeal despite the punitive repercussions from a petty and power mad government he may very well suffer.

“I had the form filled out with all my references, notarized, photos taken, driving record, and safety course. I went in and the officer took my folder in the back and came out and told me I have a lot more work to do and hands me a new packet including the main form except this one is on a thicker paper. This packet includes the forms to give my references which I was expecting. On the front page of this packet in the last space it says Facebook and password”

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