Albuquerque, N.M. – One Media, LLC, begins filming for its
SAG-AFTRA production of an original political drama by writer/director Daniel Lusko.

Persecuted is the story of a contemporary evangelist (John Luther) played by SAG
Award nominated actor and Saturn Award winning actor; James Remar (X-Men: First
Class, Dexter, Django: Unchained, What Lies Beneath, RED, Cotton Club-with Francis
Ford Coppola, who “…considers James one of the finest actors out there”) is standing
as the last hold out for a national endorsement to make sweeping reform in freedom of
speech. As the government is mandating political correctness while covertly waging a
war against religious organizations, a U.S. Senator, Oscar-nominated actor, Bruce
Davison (X-Men, Lost, Castle) and his political allies create a sinister plan of denial and
scandal to frame John Luther for murder. Suddenly his once normal life is turned as he
becomes a fugitive vowing to expose those responsible. It is a mission that brings him
face-to-face with the coming storm of persecution that will threaten the moral ethics and
freedoms of America.

Producing with Lusko is Oscar winning producer: Gray Frederickson (The Godfather,
Apocalypse Now), along with Line Producer, Brent Morris (Monster, Frank, and

Cast includes: Dean Stockwell (Air Force One, The Manchurian Candidate, Star Trek),
Fred Thompson (Law & Order, Die Hard 2, Hunt for Red October, No Way Out), Brad
Stine (recognized as God’s Comic by The New Yorker magazine, social commentator
on Fox & Friends, Christmas with a Capital C, Marriage Retreat) Raoul Trujillo
(Apocalypto, Cowboys and Aliens, The New World), Natalie Grant (five time Dove
Award winning singer and songwriter) and Gretchen Carlson (Fox News).