By James Gerdeman Based on his book “Constitution Commandments”

Our Judeo/Christian belief is the foundation for our country. “Thou shall not bare false witness” is one of our commandments.  This commandment is simple as are most of them. Do not lie.  Of all the policies that congress could enact in their day to day proceedings they decided this one to be outside their purview.  They decided to make up an unwritten law that is opposite this commandment. “It is OK to be political.”  We often hear “that is only political.”  Do not worry it is only politics.  This is normal.

This is one of the most offensive practices in our government.  This is one of the most damaging policies that are available to our government and the people.  “We the people” do not want or need this political practice.  It at a minimum is dishonest but in the extreme can be treasonous. This is a cancer tearing away at our way of governing.

We hear the President talk about how the other guys do not have a plan or replacement for the Affordable Care Act.  Yet any numbers of plans have been proposed.  Is that a lie?  We hear that “we the people” will save money on our Health Care under the Affordable Care Act.  People can see the cost rise.  Even corporations complain about the rising costs.  Corporations talk about part time work to avoid the higher costs.  Is this not lying to us?  Perception is reality.

Remember when the President was trying to have the bill passed he negotiated a lie with Bart Stupak, former U.S. Representative from Michigan.  Mr. Stupak had an issue with abortion and President Obama signed a paper stating what Stupak desired.  This agreement allowed Stupak and his band of holdouts to vote for the Act.  The bill passed then President Obama essentially tore up the negotiated paper.  Is that lying?  Should the passage be overturned?

The problem is that as long as there is something remotely true they can state the idea as fact.  When we hear “They do not have a plan.” we must look deeper into the statement.”  The trick in Washington these days can give him several outs.  There may be multiple plans so they do not have “one” plan.  They may not have a passed bill so they actually do not have a plan in a technical sense.  This kind of deception is what is hurting America today.

The Webster Dictionary defines political as “concerned with or engaged in government politics.”    They further define politic as “having practical wisdom, prudent.”  America has allowed the definitions in practice to erode considerably.  Actually most of us would love it to be as defined above.  Unfortunately we find most politicians to be lacking the desires of the people.  They tend to be more selfish and ego centered.  Practical wisdom seems to have left the hallowed halls and has been diverted someplace never to be uncovered.  They have a new definition.

One of the most important changes is that it is good to stretch the truth or even lie about the other side.  That is because they have gone into a 100% of the time political mode.  There is never a time for thoughtful exchange of ideas.  Constructive criticism is out.  There is seemingly no time for productive work.  There is no time to say this is a mess and we need to change it.  Acknowledging the mess means one side or the other is at fault.  This does not have to be.  The two parties, Democrats and Republicans, have separated us.   There appears to be little room to agree.  This is because they want us divided so they can push their own agenda or something worse.

Once again Washington will be talking about Budgets and Debt ceilings.  Neither side will allow the other an inch of room.  If one side wants to reduce the Education Budget at the Federal level the other side will claim a social injustice being perpetrated by the racially motivated action. That does not even make sense.  Truth is education is performed at the local level.  They want compromise on budget oriented items.  The problem is if you cannot afford it, you simply have no room for compromise.  Political rivalry will set the stage rather than common sense.  We will hear about it on the news.

There are orators who can deliver a message even though the recipients may not understand it.  They perceive it as good.  They perceive it as something that is positive.  Candidates often say: “I know your pain.  Mistakes by others in the past must be corrected.  I stand for hope and for change.”  The beauty of this statement is that it allows those who hear the message to use their own minds to interpret what the hope and the change is to them.  One person might think “I hope for more jobs and a better economy.”  Another person might be thinking “I hope that he will make me rich.”  The electorate can come up with whatever they believe.  The candidate may mean “I hope we can move off the constitution and change to a less successful America.”  If specifics are not given, scrutinize the message as hot air.  Do not accept political.  That person is lying to us.