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Things are again changing and evolving with

Our PolitiChicks studio show was wonderful; it was lots of fun and the show creators, producer and director created a groundbreaking new forum of programming ideas for the Conservative Internet world.

But as the elections approach, we realize it’s time to get very serious and become more involved in all of the nationwide elections.  We need to reach as many people as humanly possible–and the way we’re doing this is by building an army of Nationwide PolitiChicks.

You will already know many of these women—they are strong forces in the social networking world, writers, bloggers, radio hosts, nationally known singers and more.  Others are stay-at-home moms (and yes, that IS a job), teachers, wives of politicians and local activists.

These women are not only motivated to help save our country but they’re also ready to launch a major attack on the Mainstream Media.

As for the PolitiChicks Internet TV show and website, both are undergoing major transformations as we speak.

Instead of being a produced-type TV program, our show will be more like the “TMZ of Conservative politics”.  Led by your PolitiChicks cast, the videos will be much shorter with up-to-the minute news and information.

The website is being completely overhauled.  We’re getting rid of all the pastel colors and will be making PC.TV edgier, bolder and user-friendly.  We will have original content articles along with videos, interviews by the PolitiChicks cast and the Nationwide PolitiChicks, original shareable graphics and much more.

The re-launch of will happen in early September but our new Nationwide PolitiChicks have already begun writing, blogging and videotaping.

Thank you for your patience as we undergo all these changes.  We at believe that Conservative women are going to save this country—and the PolitiChicks Movement will give these women a megaphone to let their voices be heard.

And if you or anyone you know is a strong Conservative woman and would like to be considered as a Nationwide PolitiChick, too, write to Ann-Marie Murrell at:  Contributors will get a PolitiChicks t-shirt and can link their articles and videos to their respective websites and/or social media pages.

Ann-Marie Murrell

PolitiChicks co-host and National Director/Editor-in-Chief of


Meet our Nationwide PolitiChicks:



 ARIZONA POLITICHICKS:  Suzanne Sharer and Tina Green Drake

 CALIFORNIA POLITICHICKS: Lisa Marie Allen, Candace Campbell, Debi Devens, Rowena Donnelly, Sindy Kimmis, Michelle Moons, Carrie Rachel, Cynthia Toordeman and Courtenay Turner

 FLORIDA POLITICHICKS: Colleen Marie Jelsch and Rosie Johnson

 GEORGIA POLITICHICK:  Brenda Collins Morris

 INDIANA POLITICHICK: Anita Dolores Wilham

 LOUISIANA POLITICHICK:  Bitsy Coffman Cliburn


 MISSISSIPPI POLITICHICKS:  Lydia Woods Goodman and Ann Clare Woods

 NEW YORK POLITICHICKS: Ava Aston and Rowena Molluso




 TEXAS POLITICHICKS: Beatrice Wilson, Lou Ellen Brown, Patti Barnett Terrell and Lara Maertans Rhea