This week marked the passing of the “Iron Lady,” who was instrumental in my decision to enter the world of politics. It was her intelligence and strength which inspired young men everywhere to appreciate what a real woman is like, and the world has lost one of its truly awesome feminists – RIP, Annette Funicello…

North Korea has urged tourists to leave because of potential military actions in the near future, and thankfully, both of them left. But I was thinking what a shame it would be if that big missile attack they keep going on and on about actually went straight up, then straight back down on them? Awkward! And the language barrier isn’t helping either. Today, for instance, was supposed to be the big launch, when in reality, Kim Jong Un said “lunch” not launch. Then he ate a Snickers bar and stopped acting all atomic-bomb-crazy-dude like he does when he’s hungry.

When Western reporters questioned Kim Jong Un on whether or not North Korea in fact possessed the technology to actually launch an effective strike against the U.S., he showed them the DeLorean they got on Ebay. Yeah, like China is going to let somebody bomb someone that owes them $10 trillion…

Sandra Lupo, a former Hooters waitress who was fired after shaving her head for a brain surgery procedure, is suing the eatery for violating the Missouri Human Rights Act. Her suit claims she was fired without cause, but a representative of Hooters said Ms. Lupo clearly violated their long-standing “no brain” policy.

Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé are back from Cuba and I say congratulations to them for completely straightening out the Cubans where race is concerned. Traditionally, blacks in Cuba have been treated poorly to say the least, and the entire Cuban society was built with social classes based on skin color, with blacks often compared to animals. The utopia created by five decades of Marxism somehow forgot how racism was caused by the onerous economic practices of Western culture, and continued dealing with “the black problem” as they say there, by sanctioning horrific violence on blacks and carrying out massacres mainly on the eastern, majority-black side of the island. But I guess they like blacks now. Cool. Thanks Jay-Z, Beyoncé and President Obama for making it all possible.

Stephen Hawking is now passionately urging the continuation of renewed space exploration, – for humanity’s sake. The wheelchair bound Hawking is convinced humans will not survive another 1,000 years “without escaping beyond our fragile planet.” I just hope he doesn’t find out until later that the giant Space Ark wasn’t outfitted with wheelchair accessible ramps.

And finally: Liberal comedienne Kathy Griffin’s latest show has been canceled after just two seasons. I say Bravo.

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