Alec Baldwin has apologized for his twitter tirade against Daily Mail reporter George Stark, but stills insists it was correct for the toxic queens at the Food Network to fire that bigot Paula Deen…
After the Chief of Egypt’s armed forces said Mohammad Morsi was no longer going to be president of the country, the Muslim Brotherhood television channels abruptly went off the air Wednesday. And it’s too bad because they were really starting to build an audience with their big reality shows; “Pimp My Cave”; “The Real Housewives of Kafr el-Sheikh”; and “Honey Boom-Boom.”
Egypt’s top military commander also announced that President Morsi would be replaced by the chief justice of the constitutional court as interim head of state and the country’s constitution was temporarily suspended. Please, please will no one tell that last part to Barack Obama? Thanks in advance. Speaking of the President, Obama issued a statement saying his administration was “deeply concerned” by the removal of Morsi and urged Egyptian authorities to avoid “any arbitrary arrests”… unless of course it involved a YouTube video.
On Monday, CNN broadcast the Social Security number, address, date of birth, and phone number of George Zimmerman live over the air. Don’t ask me why. Just answer this question: Do you know who Damani Henard is? No? He’s a 14-year-old who was murdered in Chicago this week, shot multiple times in the neck while riding his bike home. He was a black kid like Trayvon Martin, but the reason you don’t know who he is, is because we don’t know if he was killed by someone who could be initially identified as White. Or White-Hispanic. Or half-White. Or Hispanic with a White surname. Or kinda White, but definitely guilty of a murderous, bigoted hate crime of a black kid solely based on his skin color because Jamie Foxx says so and if Barack Obama had a son he would look like Damani Henard – so there.
Truth is if it were a black who killed Trayvon Martin, you wouldn’t know who he was either and the miscreant, malcontent, race-pimps in this country who get rich, famous and sometimes elected president, bent on dividing Americans and getting them to hate each other should be called what they are and run out on a rail. Let’s start today, shall we?
The Supreme Court rejected a petition to stop same-sex weddings in California, despite overwhelming public support in the state for traditional marriage. Many say the ruling effectively opens the door to nationalizing gay marriage. Some blame liberal activism, some say it’s an ongoing erosion of morality, others believe it’s the fault of the education system. Personally, I blame Matt Damon and Michael Douglass. That was creepy. I don’t care who you are.
Alec Baldwin said he’s thrilled about the Supreme Court ruling because now those toxic queens in California will now have the legal right to make the biggest mistake of their lives, just like the rest of us.
“Black Skinhead” rapper Kanye West, who recently had a baby girl with girlfriend Kim Kardashian of Reality TV fame, says he is not keen to doing diapers – this according to Us Weekly. If you’re wondering why I read Us Weekly, you’re going to have to work that one out yourself but get this: They named the kid “North.” So the girl’s name is “North West.” Maybe now you know why I read periodicals such as Us Weekly, to bring you the best in comical behavior of the Stars. They could have went with “Go” if the child was a boy I suppose, but I still don’t get “North West.” It’s like an old Northwest Airlines pilot who flew a jumbo jet while drunk reference or something. But in any event, at least they didn’t name her something really stupid sounding like; “Kanye.” Gee, I wonder if the kid will get her own show soon? Any suggestions for the title? How about; “My Name Stinks On Ice”?
Thanks folks, drive safely…