Sydney Leathers, who is Anthony Weiner’s latest girl he exchanged lewd photos with was on Sean Hannity’s TV Show the other night. Gee, Sean, can’t believe they gave your time slot to Megyn Kelly! Anyway, this poor girl is a real piece of work – all excited about her big strip club debut and pondering a career in porno. What a mess she is and it reminded me what a mess Monica Lewinsky was too and nearly every time one of these scumbag politicians gets caught cheating it’s never with someone appealing. Always gross, cheap or looking like Cruella DeVille.


The Affordable Model Act

It occurred to me that if our government ever socializes the fashion industry, that’s what it would look like. The models would no longer have to compete with each other, they would just need to catch the eye of a government official and it would end up just a bunch of skanks walking up and down the catwalk.


The Boston Globe is just the latest in mainstream, old-school newspapers to be sold for a fraction of what they once were. The Globe went for $70 million, despite being worth over a billion dollars just 20 years ago. It’s hard to believe how in the world this could happen, I know, but someone emailed me all the details after copying and pasting the story from one of thousands of free online news services, which are available to everyone in the world. For free.

Do they have Purina One in First Class?

Do they have Purina One in First Class?

A former U.S. Attorney who represents whistleblowers reports that one of his clients is saying that four hundred US made surface-to-air missiles were ‘taken from Libya’ during the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi last year. These are the types of missiles that can shoot down commercial airliners. Which explains why the Obama’s had their dog flown in to Martha’s Vineyard on a military helicopter. Glad that’s cleared up.

There was a climate change event apparently at the Georgetown waterfront this week, put on by a group calling itself “Organizing for Action,” which not a single person showed up to. The “Climate Change Day of Action Rally” which grew out of President Obama’s 2012 campaign was officially attended by no one. The group blamed potential rainy weather for the lack of turnout. You see, this is what happens when climate change is allowed to go on unabated. Next thing you know it will snow in the winter and then get significantly warmer the following summer and no one will show up to any rallies because who wants to risk the climate suddenly changing? Not me. I’m going to the ballgame where if it rains, we just go under the bleachers and drink beer until it stops. My guess is I should have ended this story two sentences ago.

Good news for incoming freshmen at the College of Charleston in South Carolina: During orientation, you’ll be “encouraged” to discover your ‘erotic truth’ with the school’s new comic book, given to all new students. The comic is about a woman figuring out and embracing her sexual identity and the antics of her closeted gay father who has a fling with a male babysitter. Who is underage. Just think, four years from now, you’ll hopefully graduate and will be looking for a job. Good luck with that.

Takes One to Know One

Takes One to Know One

Oliver Stone the film director and part-time outspoken liberal, called President Barack Obama a “snake” for pushing the whole NSA spying program thing. Stone said the Obama Admin is expanding bad Bush policies which have become more about silencing protestors than fighting terrorism. Stone said NSA leaker Edward Snowden “is a hero to me” and thought Snowden sacrificed his well-being for the good of everybody. All I can say to Mr. Stone is enjoy your audit.

And from the desk of my friend Ned Rice: Because one of them wore a Barack Obama mask during a show all the rodeo clowns at the Missouri State Fair have been ordered to attend sensitivity classes. Fortunately they can all go in the same car…

… First they came for the rodeo clowns.


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