According to the city’s health department, 10.5 percent of New York City adults, nearly 650,000, have been diagnosed with diabetes – with an additional 230,000 estimated to have the disease and are not aware of it. If only there were some sort of large sugary something we could ban, I’m sure the problem of people in New York being a bunch of lazy sloths would end immediately. The American Diabetes Association says Diabetes has become an epidemic, costing over $16 billion to treat in NYC last year, not to mention the lost productivity and other indirect expenditures, such as subway seat buttressing and muffin top elastic replacement.

The bomber brothers may have learned how to make the pressure cooker bombs they used from a website magazine called; “Inspire.” The “how to” instructions were just after the cover story; “2013 World’s Sexiest Despots,” and before the Martha Stewart piece on how curtains can spruce up a prison cell. Am I the only one imagining how big this kid’s cellmate might be? I’m thinking some guy nicknamed; “Frank the Ball-peen Hammer.”

Many in the mainstream media, politicians on the left and friends of surviving bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are now saying he was a sweet kid and a great student. Isn’t this the same guy who thought he could get away in a boat? How smart can he be? Dzhokhar was charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against persons and property – so now all Eric Holder has to do is plea bargain it down to simple assault with a kitchen appliance.

After the Associated Press had its Twitter account hacked, the Stock Market dropped precipitously, then shot back up quickly after it was learned that the AP reports of bombings at the White House were false. The Justice Department is investigating people who made a ton of money in that short period of time – not because of the threat, but because they made money – which is a far more serious crime than blowing up the White House, don’t you know. The AP tweeted that Barack Obama was injured in one of two explosions, which never actually occurred. The whole report was completely and utterly wrong. Who do they think they are anyway, CNN?

France has become the 14th country to legalize gay marriage after a bitter national debate that triggered massive protests and clashes between rioters and police. When it was all over, gay marriage became the law of the land and France surrendered to Pier 1. Here in the states, we were having our own coming out as professional basketball player Jason Collins announced he is gay and glad to have admitted it in public, finally. Reports are that the Washington Wizards is the first to be openly gay. That is, if you don’t count the gay wizards in ‘Lord of the Rings…
Marco Rubio continues on his quest to get immigration reformed through Congress and is doing his best to assure everyone that the 12 million illegal aliens here now will have to jump through a lot of hoops to get legal citizenship. He says it won’t be easy because the Federal government will be checking on them every step of the way for five, ten years – as long as it takes. My question is: Is Marco Rubio talking about our Federal government? The one who can’t keep tabs on one Chechen terrorist who the Russians tipped us off to? That government is gonna keep track of 12 million New Democrat voters as they suddenly begin to follow the rules, having never followed the rules before? The same government that not only doesn’t secure the border, but sues the States which try to do it themselves? The folks who run guns over to Mexican drug cartels? That Federal government, Senator Rubio? You sure? Oh, okay – if you say so…

House Republicans have concluded that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was responsible for cutting security at the consulate in Benghazi ahead of last year’s attack there which resulted in four American deaths. Not really surprising though – this is the same woman who couldn’t even keep her own husband in the yard…

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