"I was gonna cut the deficit, but I got high.. but I got high.."

“I was gonna cut the deficit, but I got high.. but I got high..”

The Marijuana Policy Project’s “Top 50 Most Influential Marijuana Users” in the United States is out and it’s no surprise that Barack Obama tops the dope freak list with Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Clarence Thomas (really?) and Stephen Colbert (that’s more like it) rounding out the top five of former potheads who have made it big.

Along with Lady Ga Ga and George Soros are notable conservatives Rush Limbaugh (17), and Rand Paul (14). George W. Bush is 12th on the list. I guess he didn’t make it quite as far as Clinton or Obama?

Marco Rubio“Instructions Not Included” has become the highest-grossing Spanish language film ever in the U.S.; having expanded to 978 theaters from 348 screens in the past few weeks and playing well in Los Angeles, New York, Houston and Dallas. So well in fact, that Marco Rubio has introduced a bill in the Senate making it the Republican Party’s official favorite movie and offering the producer’s a path to winning an Oscar, provided they learn English, pay a fine and get in line behind any American-born producers who are nominated.

moonbeamSony is set to unveil a new reality series similar to “Survivor,” which will send celebrities into space, called; “Milky Way Mission.” The show will be 10 celebrities living in a bootcamp where they undergoa training program in preparation to become an astronaut. Then I guess they go into outer space, they didn’t say much else. One of the judges will no doubt be Governor Jerry Brown, due to the fact that he’s already there and will save the production company a lot of money and if Alec Baldwin, Rosie O’Donnell and Matt Damon sign-up and there’s a chance they won’t get back – this is ratings gold.

The headquarters of the Department of Labor hosted a rooftop wedding between a regional solicitor and his longtime partner last week, making it the very first same-sex marriage in a Cabinet-level headquarters building – in this case on a headquarters building. I’m always curious why they call it “same-sex” marriage? Is there such a thing? Now, before you go nutty, let me say that anyone who knows me knows that I believe everyone should be free to make the biggest mistake of their lives – but there’s really no such thing as “same-sex” or “gay” marriage, is there? It’s like saying there will be a “Same-sex Mixed-Doubles Tournament” next weekend at Kensington Clubhouse..

I don’t know, telling people who they can or can’t love is anathema to my nature, but if you redefine something as something else, aren’t you just discriminating against people who don’t fall under your new definition? You are now the bigot you run around accusing people who believe in tradition one-man / one-woman marriage of being. That was not funny and I’m not sure if it made sense, but it makes sense to me. So there. Whew!

deanHoward Dean, the former Vermont governor and Democratic Party leader who ran for president in 2004 only to go off the rails with a loud shriek, hinted he may run again in 2016. This may happen especially – he says – if Hillary decides for whatever reason not to go for it. Upon hearing that, Marco Rubio quickly introduced a bill in the Senate making Howard Dean the Republican Party’s official favorite Democrat nominee for President in 2016, provided he learns English.


obamaarrogantA recent MailOnline analysis of President Obama’s Twitter account reveals he is number one when it comes to fake followers. Over 19 million of his 36.9 million Twitter followers are fake accounts that don’t correspond to real people. This is exceeded only by the number of fake votes he received in  2012 and the phony number of campaign promises he’s racked up in only two elections. Nice job there, Mr. President. I’d tweet out the many ironies of this story, but it would take way more than 140 characters.



Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, one of President Obama’s most strident health care supporters in Congress, is asking for changes to Obamacare in order to save it. She’s strongly advocating for the new law to include free coverage for voice augmentation..




IMG_0937Rodney Lee Conover is thinking about running for Congress

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