By talkradio200

Today is Getaway Day for the Thanksgiving holiday and as I search the internet, I’m seeing a lot of articles on how to talk about politics at the Thanksgiving table.

As I think about all of the political arguments my family has engaged in when we assemble for Thanksgiving, the only response I have to these articles is, why?

What idiot decided that we need to bog down an otherwise happy time with discussions about Obamacare, the Federal Reserve, the war in Iraq, and riots in Ferguson?

What half-wit decided that a day dedicated to thanking Almighty God for all His abundant blessings should be interrupted by arguments about heteronormativity, heterocisnormativity, and rape culture? Why should we poison the day by purposefully seeking topics to bring up that will take everyone’s blood pressure up a few degrees?

And of course most of these articles are written by sniveling, condescending Leftists who perpetually tell themselves they have a monopoly on intellect and morality.

IF you don’t believe me, take a look at these articles currently up at Think Progress (I’ll save my soliloquy on the sheer fraud of a Leftist publication having “think” in its title for another day).

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