Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and President Obama are statistically tied with 43.6 percent and 43.2 percent support, respectively, among likely voters surveyed in the first head-to-head matchup conducted for The Washington Times/JZ Analytics poll, which nonetheless found more enthusiasm for the president’s campaign than for the GOP’s challenger.

The survey, taken Friday and Saturday of 800 likely voters, found both men winning their own partisans, and gave Mr. Romney a slight edge among independents.

But the sizable chunk of undecided voters — 13 percent — reflects a more volatile electorate than the last time an incumbent was running for re-election and a Massachusetts politician was seeking to unseat him, said John Zogby, the pollster who conducted the survey.

“It’s tied. That’s pretty much where we are. The poll reveals what everybody feels,” Mr. Zogby said. “Back in 2004, which in so many ways was a similar kind of race, we were already at 47-47, 48-48, and those numbers hardly moved. But here we are, 44-44. There’s a lot of dynamics here.”

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