President Barack Obama will be speaking to a gloomy electorate when he delivers his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Twice as many voters believe the country is weaker, rather than stronger, since Obama took office. In addition, by a 52-40 percent margin voters think the worst is yet to come on the economy. And more than eight in 10 disagree with the president’s notion that the government doesn’t have a spending problem.

These are some of the findings from the latest Fox News poll released Thursday.

During recent budget negotiations, Obama reportedly said he doesn’t believe the government has a spending problem. Most voters — 83 percent — disagree. That includes most Republicans (97 percent), independents (87 percent) and Democrats (69 percent).

In addition, out of 13 issues tested, more voters are “extremely” concerned about government spending than any other issue. Moreover, nearly all voters are either extremely (32 percent) or very concerned (52 percent) about spending.

Nearly half of voters — 48 percent — think the country is weaker and less powerful today than it was five years ago. That’s twice as many as the 24 percent who see the country as stronger and more powerful. Another 27 percent think it’s unchanged.

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