With President Obama’s job approval numbers diving to a record low of 37% and the cornerstone of his agenda, the Affordable Care Act, barely hanging on to a 31% approval rating, Barry is having a rough time.

The man who has been called “Narcissist-in-Chief” doesn’t seem to know how to handle a lack of popularity. Can we blame him though? He’s the “pop star president.” I mean, being popular is what he does. He’s placed his approval rating before policy, his own convictions, and the lives of many. Whether those lives be the Americans killed in Benghazi, or the Syrians gassed by their own government, the President has shown his public perception to be of primary importance.

But at least being the “pop star president” means that even when he can’t count on the American people to follow him off the cliff like a herd of lemmings, he still has his A-list crew to roll with, right? Wrong.

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