As a Southern Baptist, I am growing more and more concerned about the direction of our organization as we head toward a pivotal annual convention in New Orleans. The Southern Baptist Convention was already facing possible permanent changes in the makeup of our organization before the Trayvon Martin incident earlier this year.

Richard Land, as chair of the Committee on Ethics, voiced his opinions relative to President Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton having exploited the situation using erroneous information. While much of Land’s statements turned out to be accurate, his position with the SBC was hardly the place, nor was it the time to insert our organization into this political mess.

Meanwhile, the powers that be of the Southern Baptist Convention seemed overanxious to respond to criticism of non-member, self-appointed counselors to the Baptists. They pressured Land to meet with chosen black leaders in Nashville where he apologized — not for the contents of his remarks, but for having disrespected the likes of Sharpton, Jackson and Obama — in a session that lasted nine hours. Have we lost our minds?

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