HuffPo just published an article saying that Americans are against legalizing hard drugs…and also against jailing drug users. Reading the title made me think that the author of the article was implying some sort of hypocrisy there, and I clicked in while thinking to myself, “Um…I think I’m like most Americans.”

Remember the creepy/un-friggin-believable headlines last year about people doing bath salts and then being compelled to eat peoples’ faces off? Yeah. I’d say hard drugs put other people in danger. People who do them don’t know what they did or where they were when they were on hard drugs. The people I know who have done them, anyway.

I think that the Americans surveyed in the polls used to generate that HuffPo headline are right on. Pot heads taking up jail cells that should be reserved for murderers and rapists is ridiculous. That being said, hard drugs should warrant punishment…maybe just not jail time.

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