In an interview with ABC News’ Barbara Walters, President Obama accused Republicans of grinding the government to a halt over personal animosity toward him — as well as an inability to compromise.

“You know, you never want to say, ‘It’s all them,'” the president said in a Yahoo!/ABC News interview, faulting the GOP for congressional and legislative gridlock. “But I do think that right now at least, in the Republican Party there are a couple of notions. Number one is that compromise is a dirty word. Number two, anything that Obama’s for, we’re against.”

“If I propose a health care bill that is full of Republican ideas — in fact, is very similar to the law that was passed by the current Republican front runner, or one of the top frontrunners and the other guy was supportive of many of the ideas as well — suddenly, they become against it,” said the president.

“I do think those dynamics are making it more difficult to get things done,” Obama said. “And it’s not unusual, after such a severe economic crisis like this, for the politics to be impacted by that, for people to lurch into extremes, or to get more combative.”

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