Have you noticed over the past five years the steady outflow of high-ranking military from the US Armed Forces? A number of commentators have written on this of late. Some see it as the smoke obscuring the fire, and others, representing the State Propaganda Machine, tell us these men had to leave for personal reasons or personal transgressions. Ah, personal transgressions. That is the stuff of which blackmail is made and it also happens to be a specialty of the Obama Chicago Team. It’s the kind of stuff you dig to discover, then hold for the appropriate moment to use against the victim. It worked really well on David Petraeus, who did in the end betray us. No matter what the left-stream media says, though, the truth is not one of improper or scandalous behavior. If you did a time-lapse video of the Pentagon’s front doors, you might recognize this phenomenon for what it is, a full-scale Stalinist purge of the military to introduce politically-friendly and ideologically amenable types. I say types, because our highest military officers today include lesbians and homosexual men, and no doubt will soon add to the ranks a transgendered something. No surer way to make sure the ranks conform to the new standards than to put a politically-reliable person in charge, one who will enforce gleefully any transgressions. You personally don’t approve of homosexuality? Yer out. You personally disagree with gay marriage? Yer out. You’re a reliable Red State voter? Sorry, we couldn’t get those ballots to you in time and yer out. It is precisely this new type of military officer, one hand-picked for the task and with a stake in the game, who will succeed in pressuring the unsuitable Marine or sailor or soldier or airman, someone just like most of America, to pack up and go home, leaving behind the politically malleable or politically compatible.

We are already seeing a palpable result from the decision to purge these high-ranking officers. The military has given the regime in DC a great deal of support for its social engineering projects by strictly enforcing adherence to the new code of beliefs and behaviors. The Pentagon brass have come out in favor of gay marriage, in favor of spousal rights for homosexual partners, and in favor of shutting down the chaplaincy during the government suspension of services. So far they haven’t forced a chaplain to marry gays, but they will. They have hounded members of the military who don’t share the new social views and who refuse to abide by the revised military credo, now simply “don’t tell.” Anybody opposed to what is happening in the military is expected to keep quiet and never ever express his views. The military’s training manuals target Christians and right-wing organizations as terrorists or enemies of the people. The military has recruited Moslems and even allowed into the ranks a Moslem who all but hired a billboard to proclaim himself a servant of Jihad and then murdered quite a few soldiers and their families in just minutes. After which, the Pentagon refused to call it anything more serious than work-place violence, thus denying special benefits for surviving family. In the case of Benghazi, our military brass ignored the views of those who wanted to mount a rescue mission and complied when told by political decision-makers (Clinton and Obama) to cease any efforts to save those under fire in Libya. They covered up when the truth came out. They didn’t come forward to support the officers purged for their defiance of Obama in that episode of government treason and they haven’t broken their silence on anything else, either.

The political warping of the US Armed Forces into a creature totally beholden to the Party and not to the nation is only one of the routes of attack by the left, but it is of major importance. Along with the education system, the left-wing infiltration of the military gives it the hugest captive audience in the country. I would imagine every time you think about how fast we’re sliding downhill into tyranny in America, you reassure yourself by saying, “the military would never go along with it.” It’s what I always muttered. But do we really have that reassurance anymore? If you were fighting against a government transgression of your rights, whose door would be kicked down by federal agents and military and whose living room sprayed with gunfire – yours or Obama’s? Did you know that new military officers are asked if they would have any problem firing on American citizens? It’s true and it tells you all you need to know. Add to this the USG buy-up of much of the ammunition this country produces – to arm a whole slew of government agencies that are all too ready to use their weapons– and the demonization of Christians and the right wing of the political spectrum, and you have the perfect set-up to major civil confrontation in this country. And our president is goading us forward toward civil confrontation, when the left (he hopes) can strike a decisive blow against the right. After watching the war vets and their supporters tearing down the barricades in Washington DC, I’m pretty sure we’re edging up to the boiling point.

I don’t know what we can do to stop this process other than change our political leaders. But the opposition to the Democrat Marxist party is split and worse than split, it is factionalized. And we don’t have much time to address the problem. It seems every day that passes diminishes the number of real men in the military, men dedicated to the security of their country and upholding the Constitution, and increases the number of false men who take an oath they don’t believe in and are dedicated to the deepest transformation of a nation of laws – from one with a Constitutional foundation and a neutral armed forces to one that answers strictly to partisan political interests.

I remember being deeply saddened by General Petraeus’ behavior at time of Benghazi and later. I couldn’t get my head around a man of such character lying to protect a president during a heated election campaign – under pressure of blackmail. I didn’t care about his affair, but his willingness to let a lie grow rather than disrupt his glorious career trajectory was a terrible failing. Now I see that such self-absorption is the order of the day. I’m watching all those other military leaders and wondering if they are waiting for the axe to fall on their own heads, or if they are ready to keep silent to hang onto their careers. The military was the last barrier between us and complete oppression. What is there to take its place? And why wouldn’t the president feel confident about undermining our democratic system of government, when he knows the Supreme Court is supremely wobbly, the Congress is paralyzed and deeply divided, and the military is increasingly a political arm of the executive. He probably thinks the wind is at his back. There are days when I can only agree.