Did your anti-threat antenna fully extend the other day when Obama told Bawbaw Wawa of the State Propaganda Machine that he might just hang around DC for a few years after his term ends? He sounded amazingly life-like when he expressed concern that his younger daughter be allowed to finish school there. What a hoot. He wanna make sure rich girl get to finish rich girl school paid for with (dirty) cash money, not the vouchers he won’t allow to the poor students in DC’s failed schools. Of course that’s a bunch of hooey. Rich girl can go to any rich girl school anywhere. The very kindest interpretation you can find is that this slug in a suit has found a place even more corrupt than Chicago. Leaving DC voluntarily would be like walking out of a candy store before you’ve emptied the shelves directly into your pockets.

Here is the key thought in all the family fluff: stay in DC beyond term completion.

The day after that 2012 election that burdened America with another four years of criminal government, I wrote an article for my blog entitled Four More Years (or Forty). I made predictions about the changes the Marxists would be trying to make over the ensuing four years and so far, I’m right on target. But there is one piece that has yet to be put in place: jettisoning of the two-term limit on presidents. Well, guess what? Here it comes.

I immediately smelled a rat when the big O suggested he wasn’t ready to leave Washington. This would be upending all previous tradition in which the man who completes his service goes back home or anywhere else but Washington. Even the corrupt Clintons adopted a state at a respectable distance where they could buy a seat in Congress for Hillary. Home for Obama logically is Kenya or Indonesia (just ask foreign exchange student Barry Soetero), but we could hardly get that lucky. The least one would expect would be a flight back to Chicago. Not so. Apparently our first Marxist president thinks of the nation’s capital as his home now, and tough luck for anybody who is allowed to follow in his shoes. At a minimum he’ll have the capacity to use his adoring black throngs to make trouble for whatever white guy is sitting in the Oval Office. But that assumes he has no ulterior motives and just loves DC. And why shouldn’t he? Big house, limousines, endless vacations, unmerited adulation, and NO WORK! Anybody could be homesick for such a place. But I’m not buying that load of horse-manure. Obama’s handlers don’t seem to care that he is as popular as smallpox and are trying to find a way to extend his term in office until those of us who would like to see him punished for his sins change our minds or have them changed for us.

No sooner were the president’s words of warning out of his mouth than a fellow traveler, one Jonathan Zimmerman from the ultra-left New York University, wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post arguing that two terms are not enough for this man from nowhere. According to the Daily Caller, here is what he proposed:

Zimmerman argues that the president would enjoy more deference on such unpopular initiatives as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the recent nuclear-arms deal with Iran if he had a legal opportunity to seek additional terms in office.

“Or consider the reaction to the Iran nuclear deal,” Zimmerman continues. “Regardless of his political approval ratings, Obama could expect Republican senators such as Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and John McCain (Ariz.) to attack the agreement. But if Obama could run again, would he be facing such fervent objections from Sens. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.)?”

Let me sort through this: if the president is allowed to rewrite every founding document and jettison every governing precedent in America to ensure him a Presidency for Life, then he can intimidate and silence any critic with the unfettered power of his dictatorship and thus will societal peace and harmony be obtained. Golly. This is something new in the world, right? A tyrant who thinks he has a Divine Right to rule in any way he chooses for as long as he wants, this right deriving not from God (in whom he most assuredly does not believe) but from the Divines themselves, the aspiring permanent power elite. Don’t care for Obamacare? See how much you like the medical care in the gulags, swine! Don’t like giving the nod to Iran to make nukes? See how much you like being subjected to a course of re-education, infidel!

The Marxists who have swarmed over Washington and worked like the drones they are to replace civil service neutrality with political partisanship, to purge the military and install Political Commissars, and to unleash “power organs” like the police, the FBI, the IRS and the EPA on dissenters, are up against a ticking clock. If they don’t eliminate the last obstacles to permanent power soon, their chance will have passed forever. The damage these monsters have caused America will be revealed and a good many of the drones may end up in prison for their crimes. At a minimum, anybody who represents the new-made and totalitarian Democrat Party is going to lose. This means they must forge full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes.

This is only the opening salvo in the effort to keep this malicious and dishonest crew of greedy pigs in power until we dissenters are all safely six feet under, where Oprah thinks we belong. I can see the Propagandists trying to whip up Obama’s black followers into a frenzy of indignation by charging that he is being “chased from office” by white racists. Since the Democrat Party base is largely uneducated and uninformed, they will believe anything their bronzed idols feed them. That would lead to even more of the now-overt black-on-white violence, which is a good first step in terrorizing America. Watch for efforts, too long delayed, to create Obama’s army of brown shirts armed with weapons to protect the environment (the political environment).

The Marxists know what they will meet with if and when they try this. Their opponents’ simmering fury will go to full boil and the violence will begin. But don’t worry: they’ve planned for that. They have a major prison or two in their pockets and can nationalize the rest. They could certainly empty all those immigration detention centers, granting citizenship to former detainees, and fill them with a new class of enemies. Why, Bubba Obama is even as I write making the rounds of immigration activists who want an end to US immigration law. She no doubt is promising that Barack can be more flexible once he gets that third term. And remember that the USG can seize assets in a snap, or turn that useless meta data NSA collects into blackmail against those opposed to a Presidency for Life, but lacking the nerve to take up a weapon. The only thing in this frail system of democracy standing between us and a full-bore dictatorship is the shared belief in the rules, written and unwritten, of our democracy. If the president doesn’t buy that “balance of power” guff, then it doesn’t exist. We put into office a man who shares no belief in America’s historic governing principles and has no roots in America. He leads a party that is similarly contemptuous of the rights of the political minority. The man in the White House is a hater, a racist, a liar and a fool. He is prepared to take us where none of us wants to go, whether it is to civil war or pure authoritarianism. Are you ready?