Islam is a religion that condones the use of lying and deception in order to accomplish its goals. The term is Taqiyya and it is found in the Muslim Holy book, the Quran. This principle of “lying for the advancement of Allah” allows Muslims to lie for any reason, in any place, at any time in order to advance the Islamic caliphate. It is using Taqiyya for their benefit.
There are a lot of images that come to mind when I think of President Barack Hussein Obama and strong, diligent leader is not one of them. Rather, a slithering, cowardly snake comes to mind who speaks with a forked tongue in an effort to mislead you from his real intentions. Is Obama using Taqiyya?

For years the man has been extremely successful in convincing the nation’s misguided liberals that he is for them, he is on their side, as he has continually advocated for the redistribution of wealth while virtually demonizing anyone who is financially successful. While at the same time he has, throughout his presidency, hosted $35,000 a plate banquets while the rest of the nation continues to suffer, and he has consistently implemented policies that actually enrich the people he suggests you should hate. Is Obama using Taqiyya?

This is because President Obama’s efforts to tax the rich only enable them to pass their costs down to the consumers; however, President Obama knows this because he was supposedly a college professor. No, actually he was just considered a “senior lecturer.” This is just another example of how Obama can twist facts to give a favorable impression of himself.

President Obama has also mastered the art of adopting the right persona for whatever audience he happens to be speaking before. Harry Reid once referred to Obama as “light skinned with no negro dialect.”  How he was able to do this without being called a racist is anyone’s guess; however, President Obama can surely adopt the “negro dialect” whenever speaking in front of a crowd of African Americans. The larger point here is that we can’t be sure of who Obama is because he is whoever he needs to be at the moment to accomplish his agenda. Could it be that Obama is using Taqiyya?


Unfortunately, in recent years the U.S. has seen its share of dishonest presidents who seem to be working in lock step with the globalist agenda, so it would be extremely unfair to simply suggest Barrack Obama is a liar. There seems to be a hovering darkness that surrounds the man and many are convinced through the president’s own words and actions, that he is a Muslim and has his heart set on transforming America into a Muslim nation. What were these words and actions? Here are a few examples.


These are a few reasons why nearly forty seven percent of the population are convinced that Barrack Hussein Obama is a Muslim.

Many people, because of their indoctrination into multiculturalism, don’t feel that having a Muslim as president would be bad. In fact, these people are likely to call you a racist or an Islamophobic for fearing such a thing. This is of course based on their misguided belief that all cultures are morally equivalent (except for ours) and that all people essentially hold the same values of caring for their fellow man. This is often times referred to as moral relativism, and this foolish belief is ruining the country.

People who believe that Islam is morally equivalent with Christianity and the values of the west are the proverbial useful idiots of our time. This is because when it comes to the issue of wanting to be fair and “non-offensive,” people will often times ignore facts in favor of emotions that make them feel good.

The point I am trying to make here is that Islam is a religion that condones the use of lying and deception in order to accomplish its goals. Using Taqiyya is found in the Muslim Holy book, the Quran. This principle of “lying for the advancement of Allah” allows Muslims to lie for any reason, in any place, at any time in order to advance the Islamic caliphate. It is essentially the same as the left’s principle of “the ends justify the means.” This is probably why the left and Islam seem to have an unbreakable bond, because they are both willing to lie and sell their souls in order to accomplish an agenda. I would argue however, that the left has no real religious convictions, while Islam does. Once again, is Obama using Taqiyya?

President Obama has continually tried to convince the nation that he is a practicing Christian, while simultaneously advancing the Islamic objective through the actions listed above. An authentic Christian would not do this.

If Barack Obama was truly a practicing Christian  there is no way he would have allowed the persecution of Christians, at the hands of Islamic radicals, to go on as long as it has, but as we know, actions speak far louder than words.

What we are witnessing in Iraq is nothing but the beginning of another holocaust targeting Christians; thousands have been brutally murdered and tens of thousands have fled. ISIS (Islamic State Iraq and Syria) militants have given remaining Christians the option of converting to Islam or face beheading.  Thousands of Iraqi Christians who have fled their homes now sit in fear in the mountains with no place else to go as ISIS militants continue to hunt them down. It has been reported that people are throwing their own children off the mountain to spare them the torture awaiting them at the hands of ISIS.

Finally on August 8, President Obama authorized limited airstrikes against these radicals in order to, not save the Christians fleeing their cities, but to protect American diplomats that are in the city of Ebril. If Barack Obama was concerned about helping the Christians in the Middle East he wouldn’t have armed the Islamic factions hell bent on their destruction for any reason. The Islamic militants in Iraq are the same groups of terrorists The United States has armedto oust Syrian leader Bashar al-Asaad, and it was argued that arming these rebels would ensure a more stable Syria.

This means either one of two things, Barack Obama is a blithering idiot who has no idea how to engage in foreign policy. One of those far left pacifists that believe an America that does lessto keep the world safe will keep the keep the world safer. The remaining option is just as terrifying as having such an incompetent in the White House and that is, he knows exactly what he is doing and is aiding the enemy in their efforts to Islamicize America. After all, we already have Muslim Brotherhood operatives running the Department of Homeland security while ISIS is also claiming that their flag will be raised over the White House. Either way, something needs to be done because all he is doing is endangering and weakening us as a nation.

Truthfully, and this is something that Fred and I discussed on our upcoming “Truth Trends” radio show, the American people have the constitutional power and authority to stop any of this from happening. If Americans would take the time to educate themselves on the Constitution and stop listening to the rantings of a professional rabble rouser, they would realize that with illegitimate power, comes illegitimate laws,  and because Barack Obama has done all he can to subvert the Constitution and the rule of legitimately passed laws, everything he does has no constitutional authority. He only has the power we allow him to have folks.