President Barack Obama had a bad day at the White House, but a good day on the campaign fundraising circuit.

After watching the Dow Jones index drop 635 points, following his brief lunchtime statement, he spent the evening at two fundraisers in D.C. Roughly 140 people attended the $7,500 per plate — $15,000 per family – event at the home of Don and Katrina Peebles, raising $1 million for his re-election campaign. Roughly 60 people attended the second fundraiser at the St. Regis Hotel in downtown D.C., according to a press report which did not include any financial data.

Obama’s brief speech at the first event suggested that he plans an aggressive campaign for 2012. “It’s going to be as fundamental a debate as 2008 … the contrast is going to be clear and it’s going to be sharp … [there will be a] clear, forceful campaign,” he said.

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