From my perspective some of the attacks and much of the name calling of the President are uncalled for and rude.  The President’s office is to be respected and no matter our disagreements on the issues, President Obama is my President.  I am an American and I am a passionate proponent of our political system, and because of that I wholly believe we should raise the discourse in our nation and stop calling the President unwarranted, unfounded, and disrespectful names.  All of that being said, President Obama is a liar.  A big, fat, depraved, unrepentant, inveterate, pathological liar.  I know, I know – “What about the name calling spiel?” I am against unprovable or unproven name calling; things like calling the President a Muslim, or a polygamist, or a communist (though there is some evidence to this charge), etc.  I have plenty of proof that our President is a liar.


#1 – President Obama has promised not to raise taxes on the middle class.


Personally, I would argue that President Obama has broken this promise many times over, maybe there aren’t specific “taxes” that I could point to but the chaos and destruction his economic policies have wrought upon our nation have created much greater financial difficulties than any little tax he could impose ever would have.  Honestly, it would have been kinder of him to just go ahead and impose a few big tax hikes and leave the rest of the economy alone.  However, there is one HUGE tax he has placed on us, and it comes by way of his signature “achievement” – Obamacare. The President wants us to believe the mandate is not a tax, but the only way it has survived is that the “finest” legal minds in America (including the governments own lawyers) have decided it is a tax.  And how detrimental of a tax is this for middle class families?  Here is a list of all the new taxes imposed by Obamacare including penalty amounts for not paying this new tax, which by the way is collected by the IRS.  I don’t know about you, dear reader, but for me this new tax is definitely going to be a burden.

#2 – The Obama administration promised to end the crackdown on legal drug dispensaries in California.

For many of you this lie is not a problem, but I point it out to help you realize that if the President is willing to break a promise about the civil rights of his base then in what esteem do you think he holds your rights.  Conservatives need to realize that the “decriminalization” and “legalization” crowd view the right to use certain currently illegal narcotics as a civil rights issue.  The argument being that as adult citizens we should have the right to use and abuse our bodies in whatever way we wish, as long as it does not infringe on the health or property of others.  I will admit to having a fundament appreciation for this argument, but in a larger sense the fact that the Obama administration is willing to harass and intimidate their base should strike fear into the hearts of those of us who oppose them.  If they are willing to lie, and then in the face of their lie attack the people who support them do you really believe that when the time comes they might hesitate to infringe upon the rights that you hold dear?


#3&4 – President Obama promised to close Guantanamo Bay and cease using military tribunals to judge suspected “enemy combatants”.


Again, many readers of this site are happy that President Obama has basically continued President Bush’s foreign policy when it comes to the war on terror.  He has continued to dump prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, he continues to use the military tribunals he attacked so viciously as candidate Obama, he has escalated the war on terror by using drones to assassinate leaders of terrorist organizations, and by invading sovereign nations without their consent to find and capture or kill suspected terrorists.  In the War on Terror Obama is Bush 2.0 though his Nobel Prize may seem to indicate otherwise, but the bigger issue is just how easily Obama lied to the nation when it came to these issues.  The War in Iraq and Afghanistan had become a political liability for Republicans in 2008 and so candidate Obama pounced on the political hot potato and took the side the polls told him to take.  As soon as he won office, however, he dumped those old political alliances because he wagered they would vote for him next time too… no matter what he did with the War on Terror, because “Hey, who else are the peaceniks going to vote for?”



The President is a liar folks, and I haven’t even scratched the surface.  If you need more proof that the President is a liar, and that I am not just name calling surf over to and get a nice LONG list of the lies the President has propagated upon the American public.  It’s high time the American public woke up and told our politicians that it’s important that they tell the truth!  Honesty is a virtue and America deserves to be led by virtuous leaders – not snake oil salesmen.