Near the end of his first campaign for the presidency, then Senator Barack Obama made a prophetic statement: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  Unfortunately, these may turn out to be the most truthful words Barack Obama has ever spoken as a politician.  Many of the promises he has made as a presidential candidate and president have been broken or simply ignored.  But his statement about transforming America represents a promise kept, much to the detriment of the United States.  President Obama and his fellow left-wing radicals have made significant progress in transforming the land of the free and the home of the brave into the land of the enslaved and the home of the timid.

The Obama administration has transformed the federal government from a large, semi-benevolent bureaucracy known for its slowness and inefficiency into an over-sized monster used by administration officials to spy on, threaten, target, and abuse the very citizens it is supposed to protect and serve.  The federal government under President Obama has become unlimited in its size and unrestricted in its power, power that is used less and less to maintain America’s prestige on the global stage and more and more to insert the government into every aspect of American life.

The Obama administration has transformed the philosophy of taxation in America from levying taxes for the purpose of paying for government services and balancing the budget to redistributing wealth and controlling those who pay taxes.  Ronald Reagan was unable to rein in Congressional spending during his two terms in office, but he did prove conclusively that   government revenue could be increased by cutting taxes.  This simple lesson in supply-side economics has been ignored by the Obama administration, an administration that thinks raising taxes is the only way to increase government revenue and refuses to acknowledge that raising taxes can actually decrease government revenue.

The Obama administration’s commitment to high taxation may have an even more disturbing aspect to it than ignorance of basic economics. Leaving money in the hands of American citizens empowers them.  It makes them more self-sufficient and allows them to make their own decisions.  The last thing the Obama administration and its fellow left-wingers want is an empowered citizenry that can make life decisions independent of the federal government.  The political power of liberals is best served by having a subservient citizenry that depends on the federal government for its sustenance and is guided by the government in all of its decisions. In other words, for the Obama administration and liberals in general taxation is not about revenue, it is about power and who has it: the federal government or individual American citizens.

The Obama administration has transformed America from a nation that revered individual liberty into a nation that meekly accepts government control, manipulation, and regulation.  No administration in America’s history has enacted more government regulations than the Obama administration.  Virtually every aspect of the American’s life is now affected by government regulations.  The food we eat, clothing we wear, homes we live in, and cars we drive are all subject to an unending list of federal regulations.  In fact, it would be difficult if not impossible to find any aspect of life in America that is not regulated by the federal government, and frankly the liberals are just getting started.  They want to control the lives of individual Americans and have learned that the best way to do so is by enacting regulations that have the power of the federal government to enforce them.

The Obama administration has transformed America from a nation that admires individuals who take personal responsibility for their lives into a nation of entitled whiners who think the world owes them a living.  The rugged individualist has long been the type of person Americans admired most.  This is the source of our love affair with the cowboys of the old west.  Like those intrepid souls who first came to America to escape persecution in their home countries and to seek opportunities for building a better life in the new world, the cowboys who settled the west were the embodiment of rugged individualism.  Had cowboys been the entitled whiners of today, America never would have expanded beyond the original thirteen colonies.

Historically the attitude of Americans toward upward mobility could be summarized as follows: Just show me the opportunity and then get out of the way. I will take it from there.  Sink or swim my life is my responsibility.  This attitude is why America has historically produced more entrepreneurs than the rest of the world combined, a circumstance that is rapidly changing as we become a land of entitled whiners who want others to do all the work while they enjoy the benefits.  The attitude of entitled whiners can be summarized as follows: I am special. I have a right to live any way I want and you have an obligation to pay the way for me.  When President Obama and his fellow travelers on the left talk about “redistributing income” it is entitled whiners who they see as the fortunate recipients. Liberals have no problem with you doing the hard work that generates income then being forced by the federal government to redistribute the fruit of your labor to entitled whiners who are perfectly happy to sit on their hands and do nothing positive or productive.

We cannot say that Barack Obama did not warn us that he would fundamentally transform America.  He said he would do it and he certainly has.  I suppose we can be forgiven for assuming he meant to transform America in a positive way, but only during his first election.  When he ran for re-election the evidence of his perfidy was readily apparent.  Unfortunately, but that time his transformation was so far advanced that the number of entitled whiners in America outnumbered the producers and, of course, they voted for the candidate who supported their entitled idleness.  America has now been thoroughly transformed—just as promised.  The Obama legacy of whining entitlement is solidly in place and America is a different country than the one envisioned by our Founders.  Shame on us.